Wyze Lock won't connect when away from home

The lock functions normally and unlocks automatically when I am in range, Connected to Bluetooth and WIFI but I can never connect when I am away from home to simply lock or unlock.
The only time it connects is when I am in Bluetooth range. There is a Bluetooth icon that appears next to the status icon when I’m within range.
If there is no Bluetooth icon then I can’t connect.
I thought there was a way to lock & unlock as long as it was just connected to WIFI?

Is this the Wyze lock (gray) or lock bolt (black). The lock bolt is Bluetooth only. The lock is WiFi.

I have the grey Wyze Lock WLCKG1 and I purchased a separate keypad WLCKKP1.
And I guess its the keypad that has the gateway.
The lock mounts on the inside of the door and uses the existing outside hardware with a key. The keypad can be mounted anywhere.

Yours should work. I don’t have the lock, but I’m sure @R.Good does. Only suggestion is try deleting it from the app and setting it back up

The keypad connects to the lock and the lock itself connects to the gateway.

What does your gateway setting look like, it would seem as if the gateway is not connected or the lock not connected to the gateway?

Thats exactly how mine looks.
This is the lock I have

And the only time I can can connect is when bluetooth is connected. If I turn off bluetooth on my phone it disconnects from the lock so it will never work away from home like that.
backdoor deadbolt bluetooth

How far away is the gateway from your lock?

Are you using a VPN of any kind on your phone?

Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps below?

Gateway is right next to the lock. So that should be ok. Now that I know it should work on WIFI I’ll go through trouble shooting steps tomorrow and report back. Thanks

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Removing batteries did not work.
Deleting and re installing the lock DID work.
Back on WIFI.


Glad to hear you got it! Thanks for the follow up.