Wyze lock being able to be controlled not at home

Just found out that I can control my lock outside my house like the August locks can do but yet it was advertised that it can. Kinda disappointed on that. Maybe the next update they will make it possible to do that cause most of my friends and I got the lock cause it promised that it can. Now the lock is kinda useless to me that it can’t.

Hello @aznacura_boi and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having problems with your lock, you should be able to control it when not at home, can you explain more of what you are experiencing?

Hello @aznacura_boi,

You can definitely control your lock outside your house. What error message or issue are you seeing when you try to control the lock outside your house?

I was just told when I was on the support like with wyze that when I’m out of Bluetooth range and wifi range i can not control the lock when in not anywhere close to it

There wasn’t really a error message. Just says it can’t connect to the lock. I just spoke to the wyze support and she directed me to where it said it’s not able to be controlled if your not in Bluetooth range or wifi range. So she said it’s not possible

You can control the lock from anywhere as long as the device that has your wyze app has an internet connection (wifi or cellular data). Changing some settings on the lock requires you to be within bluetooth range.

Hello @aznacura_boi, that is incorrect and I apologize for the wrong information provided by our customer support.

Do you have the ticket number for this case? I will elevate our training so our support agents will provide correct answer in the future.

Back to your original lock issue, how control or action are you trying to do? You can unlock and lock even if you are outside the house’s wifi range. Your Wyze Lock is connected to the internet through the lock gateway. Is your lock gateway working properly?

The ticket number is 629179.

Right now if I am out of the house I can not control the lock. If I am outside the house or inside I can.

I just tried it when I was out and it was a no go. Kept on saying it can not connect to the lock

Can you screenshot the message to me?

Is your lock gateway online? How far is the gateway from your lock?

The message usually says can not connect to lock. Yes the gate ways online and the gateways right beside the door. Honestly with what everyone’s says I think I have a defensive one man lol