Remote control a Smart Lock

I installed a Smart Lock at home. It works on my phone at home without any issue. It does not work at my office. The LOCK button on the app always show “connecting”. I did an online chat with Wyze and he could not solve my problem. It looks like he does not know this product well.
Anyone can help me to solve the problem?

are you able to control it when you are home on your local wifi?

Yes, it works perfect at home. No connection at my office or using data on the road.

When you’re at home if you turn off your Wi-Fi does it still work?

I turned off the bluetooth on my phone. The wifi does not work on the lock.
I was able to finish the install with the wifi password setup.
How can I make it work with wifi?

I received messages from Wyze when the door open. Does it mean the gateway is connected to the wifi?