Lock locks by itself

I’ve been using wyze Lock for more than 2 years - started in Feb 2020. There was no problems until last week. it starts locking by itself witj Auto Lock off. If door is closed and locked and I unlocked it and open in a few seconsd lock is locking - no matter if door is closeed or open. After that it requires recalibration which I did already a hundred times. I tried to reboot the app and a phone. Replacde battery. Nothing helped.
What else can i do? After recalibration (which passes with success) it works 1 or two times thent starts everything again. Really annoying especcilly when it lockes the closed door wheh I don’t needt it to. Lucky I have keypad. Pleas help.


Strange, try removing the lock from the app and adding it again.

I tried it. No luck. Right after removing /adding it works , but on real opening/unlocking it does it again. the same after recalibration. May be two years on duty is a limit…

Same thing started happening recently with my lock. Soon after the door is shut, it auto locks even with auto lock set for 30 mins. Took battery out, recalibrated, and it still does it

My lock has been having the same exact problem for the past several weeks as well.

Same problem here as well. The lock randomly locks on its own. All firmware and app updated, and I am the only user.

@Wyze - looks like this is a bug.

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Still having the same problem. WZYE what is the problem?

Following. I replaced the batteries in my lock and for about a month now it locks by itself.

This just started for me, too. It’s locked my kids out several times. If it locks me out without my keys and phone then I’m going to be screwed. This is really dangerous!

I got mine to work normally after a factory reset. Delete the lock and re-pair it to the app. Make sure to turn off auto lock and door position.

Same here except I didn’t turn off auto lock. So far it’s been over a month and no issues. It used to lock itself everytime so it seems to be fixed for me.

Same issue for me. I will try the tips posted today. Hope it fixes it, happens almost every morning when I get the kids on the bus, which is also when I am most likely to not have phone or keys on me