Wyze Lock randomly opening on its own

So, I have a Wyze Lock (in addition to 6 cameras, 2 doorbells and a floor lamp) and I want to love it but it is randomly opening on its own. On Christmas day we were visiting the in-laws and I got a call from my neighbor that the dogs were running loose. Thankfully she grabbed the dogs put them back in the house and locked it up. Then a week later I was standing in the kitchen and I heard the door unlock. I am the only wyze user and I was not doing anything with the app. I have auto lock and auto unlock turned off. Quite scary. I have found it open when we all believed it to be locked 5 or 6 other times. I bought this when it was first offered in pre-order and got one of the first ones shipped but did not install it until recently. Firmware is up to date and I have calibrated it at least 5 times.

Any suggestions other than removing it and tossing it in the garbage?

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Welcome to the forum @JamesTFLA. Glad to hear the pups are home safe and sorry to hear of the troubles.

Do you by chance have a locational auto unlock set? Could be a chance that you are on the cusp of your location boundary, weird cellular hop and return and the door unlocks given your proximity?

This is in the lock settings>Auto Unlock.

I also have my lock set to lock, if unlocked every 10 minutes, which for the dogs may be a little long, but you can adjust accordingly.

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I have location unlock off. It’s quite distressing. Fortunately our dogs just chased around in the front yard and don’t head for the hills.

I love my other wyze products but this one is going in the garbage.

I was seeing some odd behavior from my lock a couple weeks ago. It was having trouble deciding if the door was open or closed and as such it wouldn’t auto lock. Like you, I tried recalibration a few times with no luck. Ultimately what fixed for me was to delete the lock (not gateway) for my device list and re-add. It’s been back to normal since then.

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I am having the same problem. Only change is that it started when I updated the phone app to latest version today. It’s happening when the phone is not moving.

Curious as to what the history shows in terms of how the lock was unlocked? (Manual, Keypad, App) As shown below.

If you know the time you can see the action (or lack of), and send a log into support with supporting details.

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I’ve been having the same problem, the lock opens or closed on its own randomly. It shows as “Locked - Remote (Owner)” for example. I have both auto lock and unlock off. And I also deleted the lock and added it again, but the problem is still happening…

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Yesterday My Wyze Lock Auto Unlocked on it’s own at 6:51pm

I and my wife had been home the whole day, and I arrived at home in the garage at 4:00pm (which triggered the Unlocked - Auto Event at that time, as it should)

Later in the evening, at 6:51pm, my wife was walking down the hallway towards the Laundry room, and she heard the door Auto Unlock. :astonished:

There is ZERO reason the door should of unlocked at this time. If My wife wasn’t there to hear it unlock, I’d of never known it was doing this. (Log ID: 702497 if anyone at Wyze wants to look into this and let me know what triggered my door to open like this.)

I guess this drive’s home my point of why I have ZERO Confidence of installing a Wyze Lock on my Front Door. (Wyze Lock installed on the entry door to the house in the Garage to the Laundry room, has another level of protection (the garage door) should the Wyze Lock Auto Open on it’s own as it did here.

Imagine if this were my front door… left open without my knowledge, and someone was in the area check for unlocked doors? At least I’d have a good picture of the perp.


I’ll jump back in on this post to say my lock has gone stupid a couple times in the past two days. Both times I’ve had to perform re-calibration. It’s been otherwise trouble free since January.

I’d agree this recent event combined with the past trouble has me re-thinking the use of the Wyze lock.


Well the lock had another ‘moment’ this morning and started beeping with a door open/jammed alarm after it had been opened and closed normally. I just removed it and re-added it. We’ll see if that sorts things out again. I’m hopeful as we’ve really come to like using the smart lock.

Same here, although I draw the ‘line’ at: It will never be installed on my front door

It will only be installed “behind” my garage door. (Garage Door doesn’t get serviced by the GDC for this Reason)


I am sorry this happened, I sent the info and log up to the team to see if they can figure out why it happened.

Hello Jason, thanks for sending this up.

Curious… how does the Wyze Lock determine that it should Auto Unlock the Door? I assume it’s a combo of the Geo Fence as I arrive home from work, and the lock sensing the bluetooth on my phone ?

If so, it appears that perhaps the lock somehow thought I had ‘arrived home’ while I had been home all day, and opted to unlock the door?

In the neighborhood I live in, that’s not a major concern of mine, (and it’s not on my front door), but if I had this on my front door, and I was in a scenario where security of that front door was paramount to safety of those in the house, and this thing ‘get’s it wrong’ and opens the door when it should not… that might not be a good thing to experience, as we have all seen video where doors are checked in the middle of the night for being open.

Takes just one incident, and Wyze or any other company with a similar product, allows access to a home randomly like this that leads to harm to come to the household in some way, for a major lawsuit to be potentially served.

(Perhaps the Wyze Lawyers have already addressed this issue, and put something into the Terms and Conditions to remove all liability for such an incident.)

Hopefully The Wyze Lock doesn’t have any of the issues listed in this article form 2016: 75 Percent of Bluetooth Smart Locks Can Be Hacked | Tom's Guide


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That is exactly how it is. When you enter the geofence a countdown timer essentially starts and awaits for bluetooth to connect. The reason for the timer is like in my instance I can drive by house and enter the zone but may not be going home. If bluetooth connects prior to it timing out it will unlock.
My guess at what may have happened, and this is my highly uneducated guess, is that for some reason the gps in the phone bounced out of the geofence and then reconnected and the lock saw it as entering the fence.

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I am also having this issue. It started at 2:20am yesterday. It just did it again at 9:17pm tonight. This is very disturbing. I have contacted the Wyze team yesterday, and they state that they are investigating the issue. It appears to be a known issue, just by reading this forum. Seriously, this is a major security issue, and if Wyze doesnt do something immediately, they are looking at a major lawsuit over this!

This just happened to me while watching TV alone at 10:40 PM. I get auto alerts on my phone for all my Wyze products and was alerted that my location unlocked it. I have been home since 11 AM? My husband came home around 6:30 PM and manually locked the door (as seen in the attached picture). I’ve been sitting on my couch for 2 hours so I was freaked out and walked around the house with a knife checking every room. I re-locked it immediately on my app but whatever this bug is - it needs to be fixed ASAP. My security is important.

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You walked around with a knife? I walked around with a gun! I disabled my geofencing and have called Wyze just about a month ago. Still…after all this time, there has been no fix. It seems like their engineers arent in a hurry to find a fix to the problem. I wonder if someone ends up dead because of their lock automatically opening for no reason, if they will then actually do something about the problem? I wonder how many lawsuits it will take? Hmmmm…

I’ve also had this issue. I installed the lock on my garage side door. It’s happened quite a few times, and each time I thought someone had failed to lock it. But that’s weird because I did set it up to autolock after some minutes so even that should never have happened. Today, I realize that it had unlocked again so I came here to see if this was an issue for others. Clearly, it is! I’m now thinking of changing it out for another lock for peace of mind.