Randomly auto-locking with option OFF

Anyone else having this problem?

Have 2 locks, Both randomly auto lock, sometimes the bolt comes out as you close the door hitting the door frame, other times it just locks you out. The option is OFF, and the log does not even show it was locked when this happens.

Support gave up and offered a refund or store credit, but both locks are just over 1 year old and not eligible. This seems like a firmware or software bug, since both locks do this. I have requested more help, but they have not responded. Ticket 1853749.

Have replaced batteries, removed/reinstalled locks, tried door position sense on/off, recalibration, verified alignment is perfect, reinstalled app. Nothing works, still doing it.

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Indeed, I have the same issue. It seems that for the first year or so that I had it this wasn’t an issue. Now it drives me crazy. I walk out the door to put something in the trash and the door locks behind me. I’ve gone through all of the steps described above by barnesr to no avail. Also, the lock seems to need to be recalibrated almost once per month! And, doing the recal takes 4 or 5 tries before it accepts the calibration. This can’t be right. This is quite frustrating. But, I guess it’s better than the door spontaneously UNLOCKING…that would be a disaster! Funny how the problem started right after the warranty period ended though. I have been a real advocate for Wyze from the beginning and talked dozens of folks into using their products. I have 24 cameras, two doorbells, two auto vacuums, and various other products (didn’t like their watch, smart band, or stick vacuum) so I’m in all the way. But I think they grew too big too fast…changing to a subscription model did it for me. It’s all gone downhill since. But I hope they can fix my door lock issue. PLEASE! I’ll save my doorbell issue for a separate post.

I had the same problem. I realized that it’s the same locking that happens when you change batteries and the lock starts up so I decided that it must be losing contact with the batteries and I stretched the contact spring slightly and have not had the problem since. Alternatively, you can probably take a folded up piece of aluminum foil between the batteries to improve contact as well.

Thanks for replying. Perhaps YOU indeed did have a contact problem…I do not, and, in fact, have very tight springs, fresh batteries and contacts were even sprayed w’ a contact cleaner to ensure a proper connection. But, the problem still persisted. After dealing with this for about 6 months I gave up and removed the lock entirely. I still have it though and if a solution comes up I’m willing to try it again, but, until then, I’m telling everyone I know to steer away from this lock.