Is there a way to isolate a function from the app and put it on my home screen on my phone?

Is there a way where I can just take the lock part of the app and put that on my home screen so I just can tap on the lock app and then tap unlock? (Or lock) I hate that when I come home, I have to take out my phone, go to the wyze app, scroll down to the lock app and then to the lock app and then open my door. I would also like to do this with my thermostat.

You mean a “Widget” (Android term, long press a blank spot on your screen then select widgets.

Scroll down to Wyze and hold and place device widget where you want on screen

Go to widget on your screen and pick lock

I do not use any Apple products so this is just directions for an Android Smartphone or Tablet
Nor do I have a Wyze Lock, but it did work for a single camera out of 24 cams.

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Thanks, that did the trick. Is there any way to make the widget icon as small as regular icons? 2x2 is the smallest I can set it at. I am an Android user as well and have the latest version.

What you see is what you get, Wyze would have to create a smaller widget for their app.


I’m in the same boat, I wish the widgets got smaller but sadly that is what they are for now.

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