Wyze Lock: Unlock/Lock on Home Screen, etc

Add an option to Unlock/Lock on the Home Screen of the App. Currently you have to open the app then click on the Wyze Lock then click on the lock to unlock/lock it. The ONLY option on shortcuts is to Lock.

Yes! I’ve mentioned this several times it’s no different then the on off for a light bulb or the plug.

This would be a great feature it’s somewhat of a pain to open the app and click on the lock and then unlock or lock it.

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Perhaps a Tasker profile that opens the Wyze app when the Ding Ding bluetooth device connects? It would at least automate a couple of steps.

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I believe it’s well documented the inconsistencies with the auto door lock feature so I won’t get into that in this post. I believe there are a few ways the service can make it easier to unlock the door in cases when auto unlock fails.

  1. Add the option for an icon/widget on the homescreen that will lock/unlock the door when pressed.
  2. Add a quick option to the Wyze icon (shows with long press) that shows an option to lock/unlock door.
  3. Add NFC to the Wyze keypad accessory. Users would just need to hold their phone up to the keypad to lock/unlock the door.
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Wyze Lock - Mini Lock/Unlock button on home screen

On the home screen I would like there to be a little mini button to lock/unlock the Wyze Lock manually on the right side. Same style as you have for the Wyze Bulb’s On/Off.

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