Lock status on Keypad

Just got the Keypad for my Wize Lock. Glad to have it, 2 rows of buttons numbered as they are a little odd, but I’ll get used to that. Biggest problem, is when I get to the door, sometimes Auto Unlock works and I don’t need to enter the code, sometimes it doesn’t work and I do need to enter the code. Would be great if there was some indicator on the Keypad showing whether the lock is currently locked or unlocked.

That is a very good idea. :+1:

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I wouldn’t recommend this. It just makes it easier for others who don’t need to know (i.e. burglars looking for an easy place to hit) to see if the door is unlocked. Why make it easier for them?

Perhaps a better idea would be to have a widget on the phone that displays the lock status. These are the requests for widgets:

Perhaps included in their implementation would be viewing the lock status along with being able to unlock/lock. You still have simplicity with viewing the status, but in a more secure way.

Maybe it could be one of the numbers light up after you press a number to start to unlock the door. Or not…just turning the knob and trying to open the door will let you know. Anyone can do that too. I still think it is a good idea. It could only light up if the geofencing unlocked the door.

Yes, I don’t think it would be any less secure. The whole point of a smart lock is to keep the door automatically locked all the time. But I hate walking up to the door, and expecting it to Auto-Unlock after I walked my dog, then try to open the door and it doesn’t open, then punch in the code to unlock. Even worse having to pull out my phone, unlock and check the status of the lock, wait for a few seconds for it to refresh and finally open the door. I know if’s just a few seconds, but a small led indicator or something would be helpful when Geo Fence already unlocked the door, so I don’t have to look on my phone or punch in the code. The spring on my door for the handle mechanism is already starting to have some issues, so trying to push the door open first and then having to enter the code is just annoying, especially when the hands are full, would be great to know if I can just walk in.


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Is there any way to set the Wyze keypad so that it lights up and emits the unlock tone when the Auto Unlock unlocks the door (instead of only when the keypad is used). This way as I am walking up to the door I can see and hear if the door has been unlocked. The reason that I am asking is that when I leave the house in the mornings there are times that the geo fence will Auto Unlock upon my return and times that it will not. If I check my door and it has not been unlocked my dogs go crazy inside the house (which I am trying to avoid). So I would just like to be able to hear the same tone and see the green keypad flash if the Auto Unlock engages.


Welcome to the community!:slightly_smiling_face: one problem that I see is when I get back home in the driveway the geofencing has already unlocked the door before I get to it. If there is no way to show that the lock has been unlocked on the lock, then can we have at least a pop up on our phones that says it has been unlocked. That at least will let me know. It needs to be separate from the other notifications so it can have a different notification ring.