Wyze Lock Ugh

Seen several posts about lock issues but I figure I will add another and hope Wyze actually does something.

A few months back lock would just intermittently stops working. I press the lock button on the keypad and it just flashes red. Other times the lock does weird things like locking as soon as I open the door. If I don’t notice it then it slams against my door frame when I close the door. Or it locks as soon as I close the door even though I disabled this feature in the app.

Other times the app will tell me I need to calibrate the lock even though I just did it a few days earlier. I also see the low battery level regularly it seems even though the batteries are either new or fairly fresh.

IT seems Wyze needs has some software fixes to do for this product. Mine is out of warranty so I am screwed. On advice from another post, I am going to try to unplug the gateway and reinstall everything fresh. I already tried a new keypad and that didn’t help.

Its rather subjective. Obviously, a lock should work 100% of the time and that is so far away from that lol. But, smart lock equals pain no matter what as the app could always say its locked and it isn’t. Its just better to manually lock and know it is. The idea is nice but its inherently flawed for locks. I’d throw it out and buy a digit press lock or whatever.

There’s unfortunately all kinds of possible problems with a smart lock however because of everything in the chain. Throwing it out and never using a smart lock is my only answer :slight_smile: