Wyze Lock & key pad

So I’ve had the Wyze Lock and Key pad for over 4 months now. It has not been the most consistent or convenient.

1st issue. The auto unlock for me only worked for like a month, I honestly don’t kno what happened. I thought it had something to do with my location settings or my Bluetooth . Idk… im lost

2nd issue. I find myself having to enter my code in the key pad more than 3x b4 I can get in my Apt. I read something where it said you can add other numbers while entering the code on the key pad to throw people off that maybe watching as long as you get the sequence of you code right. That option seems to work better than when I usually enter my code straight up. I know I could just open my phone and hit unlock from the app but last night I left my phone in the apt. And it was freezing outside and the keypad decided to go crazy.

If anyone has experience these issues can you please advise me on what to do. I’ve done reboots I’ve picked different codes… im stuck and getting slightly annoyed