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Hello Everyone, I am new to Wyze and the forum.

I am trying to combined many of my tech devices into one single vendor. Currently have Blink, Nest, Simplisafe and Kasa. Going to dump Nest and Kasa for Wyze. Not sure I will ever dump Blink or Simplisafe.

I have preordered the new Wyze thermostat and I just acquired the Wyze plugs. My question is this: Kasa has widgets for Android and groups. So I can group all my plugs and create a morning or evening routine that will put them all on or turn them all off from the widget.

Does Wyze have widgets or is it on their radar ? Can you group the plugs?

Thanks, Gene

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I’ve been waiting for Wyze to add widgets, there are several threads in the wishlist sub-forum requesting widgets.


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I wouldn’t dump Kasa plugs for Wyze. There’s no advantage to haveing everything from the same vendor. Remember, Wyze doesn’t manufacture any of their hardware so you getting different brands anyway.

If you want averything in one app use Google and/or Alexa.

Well yes and no. There are some advantages in dealing with a single app and single set of subscriptions.

But interoperability has such appeal. I’m very (extremely) gradually headed toward a multivendor solution around either TinyCam or one of the NVR systems and Home Assistant.

I don’t think Wyze has Android widgets. There have been many times I wished it did - link to a single camera feed from the Android home / launcher screen for example.

However Wyze very much DOES have grouped cameras, other device groups, and rules in the app as well as good Alexa integration.

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I am very much a Google platform guy. All the home integrations. The appeal of the plugs, thermostat and doorbell under a single platform is why I am investigating Wyze.

My Simplisafe has a nice doorbell cam but no thermostat and I don’t like their cameras. I like my Nest thermostat but I think everything else Nest is overpriced. Wyze seems to sit at a nice price point if it all integrates and the app is user friendly. I like to play with technology so if it all doesn’t play nice, I will just go in a different direction.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Widgets are minor but nice.


A set of widgets for wyze products would be amazing. One for viewing camera feeds, one for the band, one for the scale, one for the door locks (status and open/close options), etc. Please wyze do this.


I would love to have a “widget” / button to click to turn on or off a light that is a wyze bulb. instead of having to go into the app and click on it, in my every growing list of wyze connected devices.


I have decided that Wyze is going in their own direction. I have cancelled my thermostat pre-order and removed my Wyze plugs. I will move into the Nest ecosystem.

I don’t like that Wyze launches products without all the features being functional. To wait for certain functionality in the thermostat is just not something I am comfortable with. Early 2021… What does that mean ? Feb or April… I guess I will pay a premium for a polished product.

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