Support for IOS Shortcuts

I use IFTTT for automation and I assume most people do because it’s one of the only options.
Recently they have said they are creating a pro version and only 3 custom applets can be made with the free version. This messes up a lot of my automation with it and try’s to force me to pay.

What I’m trying to say is wouldn’t it not be very hard for Wyze to add shortcut features on iOS with the shortcut apps. I have even heard they don’t need to be approved by apple to add the shortcut capabilities.
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Mod Edit: This has been released in the 2.49 app release

It would be absolutely amazing if we could activate our Wyze Shortcuts (under Rules) through the iOS Shortcuts app. For example, I could create an iOS shortcut called “I’m Home” that runs my Wyze shortcut that mutes notifications, and when I arrive home I can tell Siri “I’m home”, running the iOS shortcut, running the Wyze shortcut, muting notifications. And the same to unmute notifications when I leave. This could also unlock the possibility of controlling your Wyze devices’ basic functions from Apple Watch!


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Please add support for Apple Shortcuts built into iOS. This is low hanging fruit to give the users control of toggle-able devices like plugs and bulbs, “Hey Siri, turn on the plug” I already use this functionality with plugs and lights in the Kasa app and the MagicHome app.

Again, this seems like a quick way to implement a “homekit-like experience” using Siri.


i am just looking at this now , it is 2022 and still no wyze integration with IOS homekit or shortcuts or even widgets !!! I wished i had checked before buying this, its a deal breaker :frowning:

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What competitive LED bulbs support this?

Would love Wyze shortcuts to be activated by iOS shortcuts too. Please develop. Lots of iOS + Wyze users out there I’m sure.


Shortcuts would be a massive improvement to the app. Especially now that the iPhone has the Action button. I have started using Shortcuts for a lot of different tasks to automate an entire workflow for home automation.

For example, at night on my way home, a shortcut would allow me to turn on lights, the heat, and other things with one click controlling multiple apps and not just Wyze functions.

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any updates?

@SupportTeam I don’t know how to put this feature request in such that it will reach anyone of particular significance, but given how fundamentally easy adding this feature in and how pivotal this feature is in deciding which brand of cameras I go for and was particularly disappointed when I realized the feature didn’t exist. How do we go about making those requests?

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Still not support for shortcuts? I use IFTTT for some automations but the free version only gives you 2 free automations.