Apple HomeKit Integration Opportunity

Over the past few years, I have slowly migrated to Apple devices away from Google. Within this time, I realized Wyze does not yet support Apple HomeKit. I looked through the forums, and saw that many people have been asking for HomeKit support for a while. I decided I would make myself a prototype bridge to see if it was even possible to bridge Wyze accessories to HomeKit. A couple of days ago, I finished my bridge and now happily use all my Wyze devices within HomeKit without having to use an external service such as Homebridge. I would like to ask the community their opinion and hopefully, eventually, partner with Wyze to distribute this bridge.

Feel free to add your thoughts and questions as I will get back to them as soon as possible.

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I just saw that Wyze released a new support article today about creating an official API key:

I wonder if that will also help to make it easier for people to start getting compatibility with things like Homekit with a lot more various solutions.

I am not knowledgeable enough myself to do more than follow instructions someone else gives me as a walkthrough for these kinds of things, but I am optimistic in seeing Wyze make progress toward supporting 3rd party integration options like this.

Yes, they did. They did not release any documentation along with it, so for now I am just using my other methods of interacting with the Wyze Cloud.

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Is your solution something you are sharing openly? Or holding out for integration with Wyze?

I’m interested in this. Do you have a public repo?

This would be great to have available please.