Why Doesn't Wyze work with HomeKit?

Why won’t wyze stuff work with homekit? Cost thing?

It’s currently in the “researching” stage according to the #wishlist item.
Some reasons have been stated by Wyze employees there too.
Take a look:

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The reasons why depend on the product. For instance v1, v2 and pan cams were ruled out working with homekit due to an issue of the required streams needed and size of memory in the cam. Other products are in the researching phase. I believe they also want to get integrations they are already involved in working properly before attempting more. you can find more info at the link @Brlepage posted although it is a long read.


There are far cheaper devices out there with HomeKit support. This tired story is just that. Tired. Kinda sorry the money I have invested in these devices. I’m not buying another wyze nothing until HomeKit is supported.

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