Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video?

Simple question, does Wyze plan to support Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video on any of their existing security cameras?

Your answer can most likely be found here


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That’s strange. It’s a public page. Can you post a screenshot and the exact URL that shows when you get the Oops screen?

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I changed the link, try it now, it is essentially the same link but goes to the first post, did not realize I linked somewhere in the middle of the thread (dont know if thats the issue or not)

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Thank you for the link Jason :smiley:

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Wyze is going to be supporting Apple HomeKit Secure Video anytime soon, as other manufactures these days are. More and more companies are now seeing the light and supporting this incredible format. In-fact the other day Logitech announced their new Circle View security camera, and earlier this year there was the Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera and last month Anker’s EufyCam 2 was released. Not sure which one of those cameras I’ll be buying, but it would have been nice (and I would have waited for) a Wyze camera that supported Apples HomeKit Secure Video.

I have 6 WyzeCams, several motion sensors etc.
But, Wyze’s lack of HomeKit support is a real issue. With the new Eufy cams being in a similar price range I’m considering switching. Sorry Wyze, I love you guys, but you dropped AI Person detection, no word on a replacement and no HomeKit support, not even SmartThings support… That makes it tough to stick with your products.


Look at this very old thread with 500 comments

…and Homekit has only gotten better since then. Apple has added a ton of great new features to iOS 14 coming out in a few months. I don’t think wyze has the ability to add HomeKit to their cameras. If someone wants a HomeKit camera, they’ll simply need to buy them from a higher-end camera company.

I can recommend the Eufy cams. I have 2 now, and they are great including the HomeKit integration.

Thanks! Looking into this…