Apple HomeKit - Firmware

Please update Wyze Cam firmware with Apple HomeKit feature. Thanks


I would like to see that also, but since there are numerous ways for us to connect to our cameras other than our phone or tablet, I think this may take a long time.

I am an avid IOS user: MAC, iPhone, iPad.



Sorry, I should have said that I can connect to my cameras through my iPhone or iPad app. Yes, I am an avid use of Apple products, but I don’t use the MAC to look at the cameras.

I do look forward to the day when we can use the Home app.

I guess I should have proof-read my response. ?


I’d like to see HomeKit compatibility, too. Primarily, I’d like it for the improved security.

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Yes, please add HomeKit support ASAP.

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Yes! Apple Home Kit is a big plus (when Google Home fails and not a big fan of Alexa for my household). Please consider this soon! Thank you

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Just found an article that a new Japanese company called Atom, which also uses the same camera as its base device, plans on having HomeKit support very shortly. If they can figure it out, there should be no reason your programmers couldn’t figure it out.

HomeKit News - Atom Cam