Wyze support for Siri Shortcuts

Will the Wyze cam support Siri Shortcuts in ios12? Or does it already?


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I second this. A Siri Shortcuts I’d like to see:

Show “Garage” - opens the “Garage” camera feed


I’ve added your desire for Siri Shortcuts to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


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I’ve added your vote too.


I second both of these requests. Please add my vote to each.


I’ve added your requests to the tracker.


Siri Shortcuts would be awesome.


I’ve moved this post about Siri Shortcuts over to the Wishlist so you can now VOTE for it using the button at the top of this page.

The comments regarding Homekit Integration have been moved here:

You can VOTE for Homekit Integration there separately.


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Title says it all, I think many of us would love to be able to use iOS shortcuts app to work with Wyze.
Some ideas for URL’s are:

  • Open to a specific camera.
  • Rotate Wyze pan with custom intervals
  • Check when last detection was.

Comment more ideas down below for URLs.


I emailed wyze asking if they thought about adding Siri shortcuts integration that was introduced in the latest iOS 12 update, I think that it would work really well for the shortcut users and wyze consumers to have this integration. Any one else here use the shortcuts and and have any input?


Hey! “Open Wyze” already works!


I want deeper integration then that because I also have that already set up, I wish we could be able to open a exact camera when she asked.

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A quick implementation could be to just expose the app’s shortcuts to Siri shortcuts. For example I have one called “arm the house” in the Wyze app which turns on all the cameras and detections/notifications. So just expose this to Siri so I can tell Siri to arm the house instead.

IFTTT can do this as of now.

True, as can the hack I’m using with homebridge, but this is a thread asking for native support so that we don’t have to keep layering on hacks on top of hacks…


Yes everyone wants it but homekit support is not one of their prioritys, so you use the “hacks” to work around it.

You might be in the wrong thread, this one is about siri shortcuts not HomeKit. I have no doubts that HomeKit will probably never materialize, but exposing app actions to Siri shortcuts should be well within their ability and much simpler to do.

You’re Right, I’m an iOS developer and Siri shortcuts integration is not hard all you need is to implement SiriKit.