Can panning be "locked" on Wyze Cam Pan?

Is there a way to switch on/off a lock function to prevent “accidental” panning from the viewer? The concern is that the cam is used where it should be as quiet as possible most of the time. Sometimes simply pinch zooming in activates the panning function if the touch is a little off. Thanks for any help/pointers.

I don’t believe so. I think you just have to be careful, or perhaps use something like TinyCam perhaps to view the camera?

You can disable/turn off pan. I have this implemented on my pan cam.

Here’s how to do this:
To turn Pan Scan on/off, enter the Live Stream view for your camera, tap the More icon, then tap the Pan Scan icon to turn the feature on/off. The Pan Scan icon will be colored when Pan Scan is turned on, and will be grey when Pan Scan is turned off.

That will stop the camera from “patrolling” but does not stop a user from manually panning from the app which is what the OP is asking about I believe.

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Correct, I was looking for a lockout to prevent panning under any circumstance. Guess it doesn’t exist. Thanks for the confirmation and help from you guys!

I use the pan/scan but only set one location. When turned on if you move the camera with in seconds it will go back to set position. Makes sure camera is always in right position

Rbruceporte is correct then, there is no way to fully disable atm that I’m aware of.

This could potentially make a #wishlist item. I could see where temporarily disabling panning could be useful.

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