Pause pan scan when zoomed in, while looking at feed

When looking at the camera feed remotely, if I zoom into the image, it would be nice if it would stop panning automatically, and then have a “resume motion” button, or resume automatically after a minute or so. Currently, if I zoom in, the camera will keep panning to it’s next point every 10 seconds.

This is a great idea!! Hopefully Wyze will consider this!

The pan scan feature is helpful when you are away and you want your camera to monitor a wider area of a room or home.

However, it is not ideal when you are viewing the live camera feed to monitor something in your home. When I am focusing on my pet or on another point of interest it is annoying when the camera automatically pans away from this spot.

I understand I could navigate to the camera settings and toggle off the pan scan temporarily whenever I am monitoring, however this would be made much easier if there was a setting I could toggle so this pan scan automatically pauses whenever I tap in to monitor my feed.


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While the Pan Scanning feature is great, it poses a problem when trying to manually look at something in live view. While trying to view something, the camera will continually move to the next scan position, This interferes with the ability to look at something specifically.

It would be great if the automatic pan scanning would temporarily disable while moving the camera manually. Then after a couple seconds on no user activity, the pan scanning can automatically resume.

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Ok now that I am heavily invested in Wyze ecosystem I realize something as simple as a pause to the live camera’s panning can’t happen? Never would I have thought to check to see if it had this basic feature. I see people have been asking about it. This is a daily frustration. When can this get done please? Thanks