Wyze app/ smart tv

Just curious but… does wyze plan to come out with a compatible app for the smart tv? I would love that, that way I can view all my cameras constantly on one big screen!!


If you have amazon tv or amazon fire stick 4K you can now. Just get the Wyze app. Only downside is you can only view one cam at a time. That’s why I got tinycam pro.

Welcome to the forums. Great 1st question btw.

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Welcome to the community, @baessler12. Which smart tv are you referring to? There are many different smart tv OS types on the market right now.

Comcast or AirPlay seem to be the most widely used.

But those aren’t “smart TV’s”

There are casting links on most smart TV’s. When choosing a input on a smart TV you can select Comcast or Airplay to cast whatever is on your phone to the TV. I use it to cast YouTube and other videos to my TV’s. I’m a new user so I don’t know how to send you a picture of what I mean.

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Currently they do not have an app for a smart TV, they also do not have a cast feature in the app that would allow you to cast it to the TV. I have attached two #wishlist categories for the items you are referring to:

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Hi, I saw an add that Roku will have a roku camera that is a wyze camera. Does this mean I can use roku viewing app for my wyze cameras on my tv using a roku? Roku allows me to make my smart tv not obsolete, by letting me add apps like disney plus etc. Is there a smart tv app I can install a wyze app that would have all my camersa in a grid view?


after checking my roku and my vizio smart menu, I have no idea how to add a newer app like a wyze app for an older “smart” tv. I have an older vizio smart tv. It never seemed to update, like for instance disney plus wasn’t even an option, so I got a roku. Looking at the roku menu’s can’t add an app, So Not really sure how to add any wyze functionality to my tv.

I just saw this article >> Roku Smart Home brings cameras and lights rebranded from Wyze. I just wonder if this means there will be no such integration with Fire TV or Nest/Google TV.

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can screen mirror the app on your Roku TV. At least I can. I’m sure you can use HomeBridge as Roku is HomeKit compliant.

Is there a wyze app for smart tv’s? Does this mean If I have a roku, I can they will show my wyze cams?
I have a roku, no update in the roku app yet and no wyze channel. I’m not sure how they will add this? as a sub menu in the roku menu?

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