Samsung Smart TV app

Is there a way to be able to view my cameras on my Samsung tv? Do you have a compatible app to show me my camera feeds on my tv?

Hi @rosenysha, and welcome to the community. There are several different Smart TV OS’ out there. If you know which one your TV uses, try searching the #wishlist to see if a topic already exists for it. I do know there are already at least two topics already; one for Roku, and one for Android TV. If you can provide the specific OS your Smart TV uses, and there is no #wishlist topic for it already, then we could convert move your question to #wishlist. :slight_smile:

I have a samsung smart tv. Do you know if there is something for Samsung tvs?

There definitely isn’t anything yet. The only TV platforms it works with so far are Google/Chromecast and FireTV, although I can tell you that the Google implementation is pretty spotty at this point. I’ve heard good things about the FireTV integration.

If you were to buy a FireTV stick, you could use that with your existing TV. I suspect Amazon will have Black Friday specials on them.

I have a firetv stick, do you know how do I get it to work on the firetv stick?

If you have your camera connected to Alexa and you have the Wyze skill enabled, I think you just ask Alexa to show the camera on your FireTV and it should pop up. That’s how it works with Google, although as I said, the implementation is spotty. (Video takes forever to load and disconnects prematurely.) Supposedly on FireTV it’s much smoother.

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If the TV is not on when you ask Alexa to show a camera, nothing will happen unless HDMI-CEC is enabled. If it is enabled, the TV will turn on when the camera feed starts.

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If nothing else works, you can get a cheap Android box with an HDMI port. Just make sure it has Google Play installed. Then you can install the Wyze app.

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I use fire TV on my Samsung Smart TV to view my wyze cams , also works with fire stick.

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