Ruko indoor camera

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Has anyone seen the Roku indoor cameras? The look like and operate like the Wyze cam. They only sell indoor camera and they also can be viewed on your TV.
Why hasn’t Wyze enabled connection to TV? :thinking:

The Roku cams are the result of a partnership between Wyze and Roku for Roku to sell the same cams under their brand logo. They reserve streaming rights on their platform.

The firmware on each cam brand is specific to that brand. They are not compatible with the other brand’s app or ecosystem and are restricted (you can’t flash Wyze FW to a Roku Cam, it won’t take it).

As there are legal considerations and concessions for development of an app to run on Android and iOS, I can only assume that there are also similar considerations and concessions for development of an app to run on one of the streaming platforms, provided they allow it.


Isn’t the question ‘Is Wyze working on an a Roku channel or an interface with other ‘smart TV’ channels?’

There has been a wishlist request generated for this:

It has been marked by Wyze as “Probably Not”. This means they aren’t researching it or developing it.

Google TV also gets the “Probably Not”

Samsung Smart TV got a “Maybe Later”,

but still not researching or developing. It is also nearly a 4 year old request and most likely just hasn’t been updated to “Probably Not” yet.

WebOS is the same.

Android TV… Same fate.

The trend here would make me suspect that there is no intent currently to branch out from the phone App based viewing and control. There are also similar #wishlist posts asking for a Windows PC and Mac based app.


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Seems a shame now that Roku has already done the heavy lifting and created a channel for their Roku labeled WYZE cameras - this user sure would like to check the door bell with my remote instead of finding my phone … maybe one day it will happen for wyze

That’s a good idea.