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Bringing Wyze to Roku as an app that shows your cameras would make this camera even better.
Perhaps only allow the view option and nothing more to start I think would be an excellent addittion to Wyze, Please consider it,

@oppman29, I have added your post to the Roadmap. Don’t forget to vote for it at the top-left of the thread.



I’d like to see a way to pull up my camera feeds on my TVs around the house. I know that Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT integration are in the pipeline, so maybe those will lead to something… But the simplest solution from the user-side would seem to be a roku app that I can quickly open and check camera feeds.


Hi Shawn! As much as we’d really like to, I don’t think we’re at the point where we have the capacity to build and support a Roku app right now. Hopefully one day we can!

Is there a possibility you could research how one might display Wyze cam on a roku device and post the details?


One way around this is open source your interface for viewing the videos. Then vendors, third parties, freelancers, and hobbyists can develop the applications on their platforms. I don’t really like viewing my recordings on my phone and copying the video to say my Google Drive is cumbersome and time consuming.



Some of us have both Roku and Alexa, and bringing it Wyze to Roku would sure increase sells!


You can run TinyCam as a webserver with your wyze cams included and then use any standard IP cam software that the Roku supports to view the feeds.


I voted for a native Roku and Apple TV app. But in the interim, using the iOS’s built-in Screen Mirroring from my iPhone or iPad to my Apple TV displays my Wyze cams on my 70 inch HDTV. It’s a workaround if you already have these devices, but it’s still pretty awesome in the interim.


Thanks. But both of. Those work around require to have a dedicated phone or. Computer to stream from it… I usually don’t have my phone near the TV to avoid calls text and other interuptions… Hopefully the developers work on jt

Ideally a Roku app would be able to make use of the presumably large screen and display multiple cameras and be able to arrow between them.


Oh yes please. The existing ROKU app has yet to support. Personally I would prefer NOT having to use amazon or google to do this… it seems simple enough to me…

Love this idea…in fact it was one of the first searches I did after setting up my cameras!! Just like the other post, I am using screen mirroring with Apple TV in the meantime :blush::blush:


I would totally agree, as I have gone all Roku with even buying a TCL Roku TV. This would be awesome to have an app that you could run in Roku to watch your cameras in a box or full screen on the TV!


I love this idea, and a little window that can pop up while we’re watching another show in future releases.



And not to be tooo aggressive… since I have multiple cameras, a display with multiple cameras on one screen would be GREAT!!


Please please please won’t you add a native Wyze app to the roku platform!?

I just bought the roku ultra 2019. From what I understand it has one of the better specs for processing speed in all of smart tv devices.

My need is to use Wyze through a roku device for a baby cam. I have an Alexa show and she’ll show me the Wyze video stream but then timeout and shut off after about 5 minutes. Is there a way to disable this?

Won’t you please make a roku app :slight_smile:

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This is not something I’d expect to see in the near future.

I’m not aware of any major video surveillance company (Ring, Nest, etc) offering a Roku app. Maybe there is some technical limitation. There is a generic app or two coming up, but I’ve read that they might not be secure, so unless your Roku is restricted to your local network and doesn’t have access to the Internet, you might not want to take a chance.

I’d recommend using a Fire TV with the Tiny Cam Monitor Pro app as an alternative.

This limitation is put in by Amazon and as far as I know the only way to get around it is to use an Amazon cam (Ring)