Did wyze sell out to roku?

I was at walmart and saw roku cameras that looked familiar.

New partnership.


Yea wyze has an agreement with Roku. Wyze and roku cams aren’t compatible with each other, but it is an official partnership.


Here is more info on the Roku partnership with Wyze and Walmart.


To be honest I was excited when I first saw the roku offerings. Hope that I could either register my cams in Roku app or have Roku app pick up from Wyze. I have Roku TV/boxes and the ability to pull up on tv/projector directly would be cool.

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Nope, completely different and incompatible.

I bought one and their app does not do landscape either.

The Roku app and the Wyze app are nearly identical other than anywhere it says Wyze, it says Roku. The app colors are different also. I tried to add the Roku cam to the Wyze app, which understandably failed the QR scan. Returned it the next day.

Ya, there’s no reason to assist customers with compatibility when two different apps can be used to harvest your data when one would work. Gives them twice the data to dole out to the highest bidder.
I’ve had home automation / cameras now for about 30 years and the lack of integration - proprietary devices - apps isn’t making it truly easy for anyone. I’m to the point now where ( even if I have their devices - hardware ) I cheer when a company fails as it’s one less proprietary - non integrated out there.

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100% true, especially Wyze, I’ve found their products half baked, incompatible and often left with zero development post production.