Hmmm these Cameras look familiar

At my local store

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Looks like you are at Walmart. Here is more info.


Yep, it’s a partnership with roku.

This does not mean the roku devices are compatible with Wyze, they are simply in a partnership.


Roku has a wireless camera where Wyze does not, that I know of.

Hopefully Wyze will come out with a wireless version

There’s this…


So, perhaps they do their own hardware, firmware, and support, and just get the packaging from Wyze?

That seems unlikely, but maybe…

If so it’e be interesting to see how long it takes them to jump on some of the things that Wyze customers have been begging for for years, like the ability to download their videos…

I am a community volunteer and don’t work for Wyze, but from what I know Wyze designed the firmware and Roku is using the same hardware. The Roku app is very similar to Wyze app.

They use diffrent servers and are completely incompatible with each other however. I believe some users tried flashing Wyze FW and it didn’t work.


I just watched a YT video on the Roku and they said that if you don’t have the subscription then you can’t see and rummage through play-back history (there’s no play-back button on the Roku). You have to remove the SD card and play it on your computer.

I’ll stick with Wyze


Thank you, rpnh

But I’m too old to climb a ladder 20ft high to recharge the batteries every few months.

I’d like Wyze to come out with a nice wireless with a solar panel to run it.

They do sell a solar panel for it.


Their app doesn’t do landscape either. Bought one a few months ago. The Roku camera will not work with the Wyze app. Returned it and received an email asking why. Told them the lack of landscape mode was the deal breaker.

Wyze and Roku do not make these cameras. I believe they are made by Xiaomi in China. Wyze and Roku both buy from the same company. The only difference is the marking on the camera and the firmware.

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The solar panel only tops off the charge.

It doesn’t supply enough juice to run the camera on its own, the camera still needs to be taken down to get a fuller charge

I own 3 WCO v1s and 1 WCO v2, and have since the v1s were on preorder and the v2 was released.

With a solar panel on each, they last months on a charge, only needing to be brought in when it’s been a few days on rain/not sunny weather. Even then I can simply wait a week or so to let them charge up on their own. Normally they sit at 99-100% charge.

I bring them in to charge maybe every 5 ish months, sometimes more and sometimes less. It doesn’t rain much here, but it’s also not extremely sunny.

This is with max video recording settings, 5 min length and no cooldown. They are a lot of events daily, as they are in a chicken coop

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Depends on usage. If you have a very busy camera (lots of events, live stream, etc) then yes, it might be hard to keep it topped off with just the solar panel, but if you had a lesser used camera and good sunlight then the solar panel can very much keep the WCO topped off.


If you’re home and not in need of surveillance, could you turn off the camera through the app and let the solar panel top off the battery?

Turning off the camera via the app would probably conserve a bit of power, just because it’s not uploading events. I leave my cams on always and the solar panel keeps up though.

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