How to use with Fire Tv?

There is no Wyse app on Fire Tv. Why? I can use Wyse cam on my phone and my Echo Show. Why not Fire TV?

On my Fire TV Cube there is no app, but there is the Alexa skill. I can use the skill to open my video feeds with my voice…no app necessary.


If you can get Google Play store installed on Fire TV, you can get the wyse cam app. I was able to get the wyze cam app installed on my Fire Tablet (Fire HD 10) after getting Google Play installed. How to Get Google Play on Your Fire Tablet | Laptop Mag



The latest Fire TV (Fire OS is supposed to able to all Wyze Cams (v2 and above) work with the Fire TV. Problem is Amazon is trickling this update out “slower than molasses in January”. It was initially release early in August. There is no way to force the update. You have to wait until Amazon deems you worthy to get around to it. I’ve only been an Amazon customer since 1988, and I’m still not worthy enough. I’m getting fatigued that the Fire TV is way behind the Echo in features.

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By now everyone should be able to do this so long as your Fire Stick/Box has been upgraded and you have enabled the Wyze Skill in Alexa and discovered the cameras. Just press the Alexa button and say "Show me [name of the camera]. There’s nothing to install on your Fire TV device.

I installed the skill last week. In doing some reading, it noted that it works for a number of Fire devices…except the Fire Stick. That should be coming “soon”. So for now, I guess I’ll just have to wait…

It works on my Fire Tv Stick.

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Thanks for posting that! I’ll give it a try after all.

Works on my Firesticks as well. But you must use the Alexa button on the remote for that TV.

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If you link an Echo to the Firestick the Echo can also be used to show your Wyze Camera through the Firestick.

Unless it’s an Echo Spot or Echo Show. As both of them have screens, requests to show a camera end up showing the camera on their screens as opposed to the connected FireTV.

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Tested and confirmed! I was able to see both cams (separately, not at the same time) via the Fire Stick by asking Alexa via the remote to display each cam. Pretty cool to have a full screen version of each cam.

We’re fortunate to have broadband at the weekend place. The upload is about 1.5M, so there were a few instances of buffering…or slow to connect. Not a huge deal though. And there is a bit of a delay 30-40 seconds between the live stream(on my phone) and what you see displayed on the TV. I’m going to guess that has something to do with things having to get routed through Amazon’s system before it can be displayed on the Fire Stick.

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Hello, I just did this. Let me try to explain it the best I can.
You do not have to do anything on the firestick.
I’m assuming you already have the cameras configured and running as well as Alexa and the Firestick.
Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to “Devices”, select “Cameras”,
Add cameras and select your brand (Wyze in this case).
Alexa will ask you to link the wyze account to it so it will take you to the wyze site and you need to sign in.
After successfully linking the accounts, it will go back to the Alexa app.
The app will scan the cameras and you select them one by one to configure and activate each one, basically just confirming the settings.
Once that’s done, just go to your TV where the Firestick is connected, grab the remote, press the mic button and say “show me the front door” or whatever name your camera has, and the Firestick will connect and show you the video for that particular camera.
Piece of cake! :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.