View Wyze Cam on Fire Edition TVs

I’m having trouble getting Wyze to work with my Fire TV. Does the Wyze skill not work with fire edition TVs (i.e. TVs with fire built in)?

Background: I have an Insignia with Fire. I have the Wyze skill for Alexa, all of my software is up to date, and Alexa is able to control my Wyze cam in other ways.

In fact, when I say “show me the [living room] camera on Fire TV,” Alexa says “OK” and the TV does a little blip for a second, but it doesn’t actually show me the live feed from the camera or anything it just flashes like it’s trying to switch to something.

Question for Wyze Team: If the current programming for the Wyze skill is not compatible with onboard Fire TVs, would it be possible for Wyze to address this? I would think the configuration of the onboard Fire TVs should be at least fairly similar to that of echo shows, and there are currently Wyze skills that enable voice-activated streaming on Fire Edition TVs.

For Coders: Is there some kind of coding jiggery pokery I can do myself to address this? I’m new to coding so I need some direction here.

Anyway, help appreciated!

I think it more Alexa is the problem. On fire stick I have no problem view cams