2023 and still can't view cameras on smart tv

Tried everything i could read trying to get this to work. It would be nice to view my cameras on my Samsung smart tv. It works on my echo show but its too small of a screen. I know about mirroring my phone to the tv but by the time i do all that its not worth it.

If you have Cam Plus, you can use a browser on the TV to watch wired cameras on view.wyze.com But Battery Cams won’t work that way.

Without cam plus, you can set up an old Android device (phone, Tablet) to work with Tiny Cam Pro as a server, then use a browser on the TV to watch any cam, including battery cams (note that streaming battery cams drains their power fast).

I am not too familiar with Samsung Smart TV’s but it is possible you might be able to “Side-load” the Wyze App or Tiny Cam App onto the TV apps as well.

You also know about casting a video to the TV (or mirroring it).

Part of the problem is that Samsung uses their own special Operating Systems (Tizen OS or Orsay OS), so Wyze would have to develop a special app just for Samsung TVs. There is a wishlist for Wyze to do this anyway, but so far only 1 user has ever voted for Wyze to do this:

I would recommend going there and adding your vote to theirs with a comment so they know more people are interested in this.

Hopefully the new Matter Initiative will make it easier to integrate different ecosystems together soon.