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I love Wyze but I would love to be able to have the app available on a smart tv so I can fully replace some of my cameras. My main cameras that are at key places on my property I can’t get rid of because I love having a separate smart tv hanging on my wall of my security cameras so I can see each one without having to log into a app. I leave the running day in and day out. I would love to be able to replace with the Wyze cams that I have. Please please come out with the app for the smart TVs


The hard thing about this request is that there are so many different Smart TV App stores and they all have different ways of getting approved, and many of them require some unique programming from the others. Some examples:

  • Google Play Store
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Samsung Apps
  • Vizio SmartCast
  • LG Content Store
  • Roku Channel Store
  • Apple TV App Store

So it isn’t just one app for SmartTV’s, but they’d basically have to make a separate app for each one. Which one in particular were you hoping for, and we may be able to find a wishlist request for supporting that platform, or tell you a workaround for how you can see some of your cameras on that particular platform right now without the Wyze App.

Also, do you subscribe to Cam Plus at all or not (There are solutions both with and without it, just curious which ones to suggest to you as things to consider)

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Oh I thought it would be something like a universal app that could be downloaded onto whichever platform that’s how much I know about tech lol. I have Samsung and LG TVs. I do not have the cam plus subscription right now because I still have to use my main cams right now. I have 12 Wyze cams right now but only have about 4 of them hooked up right now. I would love to move everything over to Wyze because I have a lot of Wyze products and love them.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum rachel.smith81! :raising_hand_man:

Wyze Apps for Smart TVs have been requested by many users already. Requests for new features are located in the Wyze Wishlist. Here are the Wishlist request topics for the two TV OS you mentioned. There are others on the Wishlist if you use the search feature, you should be able to find them.

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, follow the link, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request.

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Wyze said they are working on a potential option that may let us stream our cameras to youtube or other places in the upcoming future. Then it would work on all TV’s. I think that this option will probably be limited to those cameras that have cam plus though. There is also currently a way to view cameras through a browser, but that method is limited to cam plus.

Some smart TV’s have access to an app named “Tiny Cam” or Tiny Cam Pro, and you can connect your Wyze account to that app and look at all of your Cameras that way. I know people do that with some Google and Alexa TV’s. I am not sure about all the other ones though, but you could try to look for it.

Some people have had luck doing something called “Sideloading” the Wyze app onto various systems, but that can be kind of complicated if you aren’t very technically inclined, and I don’t know anyone who has done it on Samsung and LG, so I am not confident it’s even possible off the top of my head.

Another more complicated techy solution is that some people will convert the camera streams to RTSP using either Tiny Cam server or Docker Wyze Bridge or something and then they can broadcast their camera streams to almost anything, including their smart TV’s.

Some of those options are not very simple solutions though and it would be nice for Wyze to help provide a more convenient option so the app is naturally compatible with people’s smart TV’s.
For now, I would mostly suggest following SlabSlayer’s suggestions for voting on the wishlist items so that we can show Wyze there is more interest in adding compatibility for Smart TV’s. BUT if you are really techy or know someone who is, you could look into setting up one of the other solutions to be able to start viewing the cameras on your smart TV much sooner. Or if you ever do get Cam Plus (since you have so many cameras, consider looking into “Cam Plus Unlimited” since it would cover all your cams for cheaper), then you can just use a browser on your smart TV to go to and be able to view all your camera streams there.

Edit: Wyze has moved the Livestream link to:

Thanks you so much for all of the info. I used to think I was pretty tech savvy but it seems my age has caught up with me lol. My niece is pretty good though so I may call to her to see if she can help me out. Thank you so much! Btw I did do the wish list thing so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:. Thanks again it is very much appreciated!


Rather than have devs spend cycles on the same app but split across multiple os/stores.
How about you just implement the chromecast/airplay feature respectively? Both are known protocols, and can’t be that much code to add.

Actually, Chromecast support can be quite a lot of work. I had integrated it into a mobile app some years ago and there’s a lot to it. Funny thing about Google is that they often don’t do all the work they should and give app developers that work instead so its done a million times instead of once.

Apps developers can easily integrate the cast button but have to deal with making it all work and putting it all in including play, pause, etc. Its not done in a day or even a week because of bugs and testing.

There are other deeper issues such as playing certain content on my Chromecast causes it to get stuck and then needs to manually reboot/power cycle it or wait some minutes for it to force reboot. Google hasn’t ever fixed that. That is also a issue an app developer may have to find, test, and workaround that could be difficult.

Nothing in mobile app development is actually easy except for things that the developer has already done and can be repurposed.

On the opposite side of things, the Wyze app already has streaming inside of it and getting it onto other stores and devices should be easy. Even my non-TV apps work instantly on TV streaming sticks and sideloading despite having no use there. Having the app on other stores is only a benefit to users and that’s something they should be doing anyway.


What about GitHub Open source how hard is it to build a camera app that works with any smart tv ?

5+ years ago on a fire stick Wyze was supported by the app tinycam.

I don’t use fire sticks anymore, but would love see Wyze integrate Samsung smart things ecosystem….

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I’d like to think that a possible Universal Solution to display Cameras on Smart TVs would be for Wyze to Deliver some sort of Set Top Box with HDMI Port, This would Serve Line an NVR with Capacity to Connect Locally to local Cameras and Remotely (Through the CamPlus Service) to Non Local Cameras.