Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

This topic is for changing the single notification sound for any\all Wyze notifications (opposed to the current OS assigned default tone).

The #wishlist topic for the introduction of specific individual notification sounds for each device, device type, or notification type is here:

A related #wishlist topic is for the introduction of customizable notification sounds for each device.

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@SlabSlayer Sorry to bother you again, I got my MacDriod setup how I need it for Person detection, can you please share how you got the screen to unlock or wakeup?

Again Thank you.

Replied in the Share MacroDroid Macros for Wyze thread so as to not divert the topic here.

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Clearly the Wyze category of “in development” is just more of their empty promises. I think it’s safe to say that Wyze began ignoring this thread long ago, especially after it was taken over by Android users who, though perhaps well meaning in offering up third-party stop-gap solutions to Wyze’s negligence, have given Wyze all the excuses they need to ignore their previous commitments. Months ago I asked the Android users to cease highjacking this thread and start a “Third-Party Android apps to create unique notification sounds until Wyze decides to fulfill their prior commitments to embed them in the Wyze app itself.” I just got shouted down for the request. And so this thread continues to be exclusively for the benefit of of Android users, even though that clearly was not the original intent of the OP. We iOS users have paid the price for it.


Kenny announced in Feb 2021 “This feature is now in development.” So it took almost 3 years from the original request for Wyze to respond in any fashion at all. Then they marked this thread as “Resolved” which in my view is a strange way of “resolving” a customer request. Here it is 2 years later and nothing whatsoever has been “resolved.” Clearly Wyze is just kicking the can down the road and is unlikely to ever do anything with this 5 years old request that is very much needed.


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Wish Granted and Launched 07 May 2022. Feel free to share the link with other users.

Different Notification Sound for EACH Individual Wyze Device AND type of Motion\AI - Workaround for Android Only - Doesn’t work for iPhone

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That’s a great how-to you’ve written up, but I fail to see how it can possibly be considered off topic to discuss ways to have different alert sounds for Wyze notifications in a topic called “Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications”.

Do the solutions discussed work for everyone? Obviously not, but they work for a lot of us, including me. I know of no forum that limits discussion to solutions that satisfy everyone. I fully intend to continue guiding people to solutions to this problem where I feel it appropriate.


This wishlist topic addresses the need for a different notification sound at the Wyze app level, not the Wyze device level. Android already provides this app-level functionality. iOS/iPadOS does not without a 3rd party app.

The wishlist topic that covers Wyze device-level notifications is located here:

Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color


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Here to give an update that we are looking into this to see how much work it would take to implement this.


@WyzeJasonJ You Rock!

Please let us select our personal ringtones, for any type of event if it’s a person, car, pet, or motion and so on.
I personally have all Wyse sounds off because it was too many notifications with vehicles and motions. I use MacDriod when it only detects a Person and this helps a lot.

Front yard notification goes off saying the Person detected in the Front yard and the other
Back yard notification goes off saying Person detected in the Driveway.

This work great with some mp3s that I found online.


I use Macrodroid and another similar app, and I also use Alexa to help with this…Alexa announces different things for different triggers to make sure important ones are known…like if someone opens our pool gate, or if there is a person on our front porch, etc. Then those important things don’t get buried under all the other notifications.

I look forward to see what Wyze adds to the app for options.


It would be really nice to make this customizable so someone could set the notification sound for different events. A way to know what sound means the doorbell versus a baby waking up and moving around on camera.

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OMG yes please get this to work. I get so many alerts from so many devices, and this sounds like every other one. Please oh please prioritize this. Thanks Wyze.


Would like a notification hierarchy with the ability to use different tones with each level. For example how I would respond to a person identified by my window isn’t the same as a animal, package or a leaf.

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I came here looking to see if Wyze was working on personalized and unique alerts for different cameras. I’m really glad to see this being researched.


App notifications

Please allow users to change the notification sound we get for motion detection. Currently it is the same notification sound as all other apps. It would be better if we could change the sound to something more alarming to get our attention.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @ninamb1973! :raising_hand_man:

Since you have Android, this is already a user defined variable function available through your Android OS Notifications Settings for the WyzeMessage channel of the Wyze App.

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This wishlist request is actually for the creation of one unique Wyze notification tone for all notifications from the app. It is mainly geared toward iOS users who do not have the functionality in the OS for a user defined unique notification tone. The Android OS has this native capability.

The wishlist request asking for unique notification tones specific to each Wyze device is located here: