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Wait Wut? I don’t have dark mode???

Google Pixel 6 pro with Override Force Dark Mode ON

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So, is Wyze research determining whether the fix available in later OS’s is sufficient, obviating a dark mode redesign of the app? :slight_smile:

Yes many of us have tried the “developer mode dark mode” and we’ve seen other apps where black text doesn’t convert to white and is illegible on black backgrounds.

It’s no fun switching back and forth and rebooting your phone each time you need to.

I use other apps all day long and only use WYSE as needed.

It is a “developer’s mode” not a general-use mode… If it works for you that’s grand, consider yourself fortunate.

For many others it does not play well… look back at the earlier threads and you’ll see it has been discussed numerous times.

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PeepPeep, 2 years ago WYZE told us version 3 of the app would have it, it was in early development. There has never been another word since.

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But it never moved to #roadmap , I’m thinking…

Be careful with this though. If you add a new device, you may not be able to scan the QR Code as the Black border seems to interfere. So, when adding new devices, use the White background first.


On another platform…

Q: How about restoring our civil liberties?!

A: We’re looking into this and trying to select a good method for implementation but we’re not at a point of working on it yet.

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No rebooting of phone needed, easily toggled on or off, and only the Wyze App needs restarted after switching.

It works on my Google Pixel, and on OnePlus 7 pro as it will likely work on many other Android 11 or 12 smartphones.


Please re-read @jdnobil 's reply. Maybe re-read from November 2018 down to today.

“If it works for you that’s grand, consider yourself fortunate.”

I can’t believe we are still having people tell us about the developer mode alternative after all of this time, but then, I was here in November 2018.


Here have a cookie, and a glass of milk…

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There’s some evidence that it was on the Roadmap in 2019 only to fall back into Wishlist (aka, street-of-dreams):

I hear that with some evidence and $6 you can buy a fancy cuppa joe… :coffee:

Why don’t Wyze avail themselves of the substantial work-for-free-out-of-youthful-exuberance-and-the-early-spirit-of-the-internets crowd?

Vet ten or twenty open source free birds and task them to work (in a compartmentalized-in-the-interest-of-corporate-security way) on sorting unprofitable stuff for the sheer x, y and zee of it… and the community?

‘Wyze Open Source Free Birds at your service, Commander.’ :eagle:



Haha, but I don’t accept cookies.:smiley:


+1 to dark mode!

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If the developers don’t want to add dark mode, can they at least explore the reasoning why? At this point, so many camera and other tech companies have had promos that even though Wyze is the company I’m most entrenched in, I don’t feel fully locked in and could just as easily keep my existing Wyze products but buy another company’s when getting new products or replacing old ones. I have a wireless Ring camera that my ISP gave me for free as a new customer promo, the Amazon ones (Blink?) are often for sale really cheap, and as an Apple fan I don’t mind paying more for HomeKit-compatible devices, which it looks like Wyze has no interest in. So every time I am considering a new product, I have to ask myself “Why Wyze?”

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I sold my wyze cameras, still have their headphones. I still follow this thread for the lulz. Get over it, the devs hate you, stop giving them your money.

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Sadly this point has been running to the ground they have no intentions of changing anything all of your points are perfectly valid and all have been made in the past.

I’ve stopped purchasing further into their ecosystem.

Using the app just wears me down.

The pale-blue thin fonts on white backgrounds is as bad as the lack of dark mode.

Tricked into buying a new phone so I can access the developer mode in a newer version of Android which my old phone did not support.

Unfortunately apps that I used more frequently got wonky giving me black text on black backgrounds so I had to discontinue using developer mode.

Justin switching it on and off manually each and every time I wish to open my app.

I too will probably just move on.


Just gave a 1 star review on play store. Figure that’s way more impactful if many do it vs our wasting our breath here.


Absolutely, most common requested feature in every app. It should be a standard by default.


Just thought I’d share the latest comment on Dark Mode that was posted on the Wyze Discord server today:


So Wyze IS indeed still actively talking about dark mode, looking into it, there are just some obstacles to overcome because of how the app was initially set up YEARS ago that makes it difficult to implement now, so they have to resolve a lot of that “design debt” first. I’m glad they’re looking into their options. I just thought some others in here would appreciate me sharing the latest comment on the issue in here so some of you could read it too.