Wyze app dark mode looks great

I really like the dark mode app. Thanks.

I can finally read the text.


Very nice


How did you get dark mode? I have it enabled on my iPhone but it’s still white. Not available on iPhone???


He’s on Android; I’m on Android too, my Wyze app is version 2.7.19 and I can’t find any setting for “dark mode”, probably he have an Android phone with feature to set the user interface on “dark mode” in general.

Interesting. Yeah, I haven’t seen that yet. I wonder if that’s a global setting for your phone that uses best-guesses to automate dark mode universally across apps, or if it’s something Wyze has enabled.

I’ve just check Play Store and v2.7.19 is the latest official release that is what I got on my phone, and I cannot find this setting for “dark mode”.

I really think its either a feature added by his Android phone manufacturer or he’s running a custom ROM which mostly feature this system-wide/universal “dark mode”.

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It’s not a setting in the app, android has a force dark mode setting in developer settings. It does look pretty good :grin:


Nice. That’s what I figured. I think it looks great, although the teal color in the top banner looks a little weird, especially next to the other teals. That’s why I figured maybe it was was an automated phone thing, and not a Wyze thing.

Yeah, I had to turn it off, the colors are hosed in numerous apps

dang, doesnt apply on wyze with lg v20.
was already set for dark mode

This will depends on phone manufacturer’s and custom ROMs’ implementations. Mine is Huawei and even with developer’s mode enable, I couldn’t find any settings for “dark mode”.

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Dang, I was getting hyped for switching to dark mode on the app. It is definitely needed. It is often difficult to read the small text and the playback highlights.


So lets ask for dark mode… obviously this is a feature that can be added.

You can vote for it here. :slight_smile:

It is not a settings in the WYZE App. In android go to Settings, Then go to Accessibility. Scroll down to Color inversion and slide the tab over. Bear in mind that this changes everything on your phone. Calendars, texts messages, EVERYTHING. So if you do it, remember to increase brightness level to max and kill the auto dimming feature. ALSO, on the slide down from the top to reveal the quick choices, the Invert Colors icon will be there so you can get back easily… with only two swipes.

Not color inversion, that’s different.
That is reversing the spectrum color wheel.
Accessibility>Vision>High Contrast Screen - toggle it.
Buuuuuut, doesnt work on mine (LG V20) for wyze, but some other apps, yes.

Unfortunately it was originally asked for in November 2018. :frowning:

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I found mine under developer options while on Android 10.


I just Forced Dark Mode and it looks great!


Unfortunately this phone is android 8.
Unless rooted, & not worth the effort & risk now


And again2 days ago.

ThE developers are DEAF

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