A "Dark Mode" option on the APP!

Here’s an idea …quire simply, why not integrate a “Dark Mode” option that can be chosen when people use your Wyze APP?

I know for me, it would be some much easier to see and navigate than that lime green on white! I know that “other” well known APP offers it and it is much easier to navigate visually. Otherwise no issues…see if that is do-able … then that would be great!

They already do this.

Go to the account tab then app settings then toggle the theme from light to dark.

However, only a part of the app has been converted to dark mode so far. So you’ll get dark mode for the home and events tab, and most of the product UI’s (lives stream screen).

They haven’t converted the settings pages or the monitoring, shop or account tabs yet, so those will stay in light mode for now even if you switch to use dark theme.

They’re working to convert more sections of the app to dark theme, but it is time consuming because the foundation of the app wasn’t originally built to support themes, so they have to manually do each section, so it’s happening slowly.

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Make sure your app is updated as what you request was mostly implemented just a couple weeks ago.


Got it Thank you!