Dark Mode, why after Years of requests this simple change still ignored?

Why has Wyze ignored the request for Dark Mode, they once said it was in the works a year or so ago yet nothing?

Dark Mode is not that hard of a request technically

Dark Mode can be forced by some Android phones but it should just be part of the App.

Maybe instead of yet another Wyze Gadget release how about this simple request by hundreds of users?


Likely the same reason that Wyze absolutely refuses to change the currently horrible color scheme.

The answer is addressed in the Dark Theme Wishlist thread.

The short version is that the foundation of the app over 5 years ago wasn’t built with things like customizable layouts in mind. In order to accommodate Dark Mode and landscape mode they have to rebuild an entirely new app from scratch due to the design debt and limitation built into the foundation of the app.

That is not to say Wyze won’t do it. Wyze has placed this on the “Researching” and “In Progress” category of the wishlist. Here is a link that includes quotes of a couple of recent statements on the matter:

Someone just below that comment had a really good idea that Wyze could temporarily make a second app for now where they just change the default colors to dark mode for those want it. Then they don’t have to wait for the app rewrite to allow alternating layouts.
There is also a similar Wishlist asking Wyze to just make the app permanently darkmode for everyone until they get it fixed to allow people to choose:


Sounds like BS to me when I can force Dark Mode and get it… Just saying :joy:


Worked for me too. Much better on the eyes

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I came here looking for a way to turn down the blinding white light. I have an android. Where are you going on settings to force the screen to black?

Enable developer options

Then turn On “Override Force-Dark”


Got it! Now if they will just change the color of settings wheel and notification bell on the top it will be perfect. Thanks

Where do you find Developer options?

Most Android phones activate “Developer Options” as follows,

To enable Developer options:

  1. Go to Settings > System.

  2. Touch About phone.

  3. Touch the Build number field 7 times. You will begin seeing a message as you approach the 7 touches.

  4. Touch the back arrow once complete, and Developer options will now appear under Settings.

Now once Developer Options is enabled go to it and locate Override Force Dark and turn on.

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FWIW, on a Moto running Android 10 ‘Override Force Dark’ setting doesn’t persist through a device reboot. :man_shrugging:

Otherwise good (enough) for now. Still does a solar flash in my eyes when swiping between Events in landscape orientation, but hey, when I need to do a lot of that in a session, I switch ‘Override Force Dark’ off…


How about true landscape mode? Every app under the sun has it.

Are you implying Wyze is in the dark? :wink:


Ah, a setting in the Android system, not the app.

I’m not implying it’s in the dark, I’m saying they’re in deep darkness :rofl:


Oh. :laughing: