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It’s been nearly 3 tears and all we get are more modules past expired promises and a deeper hole for the developers to climb out of.

I’ve started looking at other cameras and am investing in Hue lighting. Wyze, you just don’t get it. Great hardware needs real software. Your app does not meet the threshold by virtue of being inflexible, hard to read and blindingly unfriendly.

You’ve heard it from me and others so many times I’ve stopped counting.

Sorry, but I’m not buying into expensive services when served by a crappy app and a fee to view on my laptop.

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Let’s go back to having a customer relationship. Friendship doesn’t work in any business sense.

I think you meant years, but I can feel your pain. :cry:


3 “tears” was a typo but a fitting one. I just don’t get how Wyze leadership doesn’t see the need to make a clearer more legible interface… do they not use the app themselves???


When will Wyze have dark mode available in the app, Android and ios? I will not buy another new product from them until they offer this improvement.

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That appears to be a long ways off due to what it takes to fix it. Wyze has addressed this many times:

One of those in an early Fix-It-Friday announcement:

They’ve elaborated on this many times. This summer the VP of Product said this about it:

Basically, it’s not as easy a fix as we all wish because the foundation of the app wasn’t setup to support layout structures and so they now need to rebuild the entire thing from scratch which is going to take some time, but is something they plan to do when they have enough mobile developers, etc to support the effort.

In the meantime, Wyze has been adding “Dark Mode” compliance to individual devices’ “Plugin” UI’s lately, little by little while we’re waiting for the rest of the main app to support it.

For example, The Floor Lamp is in Dark Mode, Lighting/Bulbs are in Dark Mode, Air Purifiers, Robot Vacuum, Video Doorbells, Outdoor Plugs, Thermostat, Sprinkler controller, etc…at least until you hit “Settings” and it uses app Foundation UI which is still in White

It is nice to see that they have been making an effort to convert some of the device plugins to Dark Mode while they’re waiting to redo Version 3 of the app so it can be supported in the main UI. The efforts are appreciated by me…

For Android users who are really desperate for dark mode now, there are ways to force the Wyze app into Dark Mode using the Android system or opensource apps. The only downside I’ve found is that you can’t use dark mode with QR codes, so you have to switch back out when you set up some of the cameras that are reliant on QR codes to get the WiFi info. Otherwise it works great.

I am still very anxious for a full app rewrite to remove all the design debt so they can fix dark mode everywhere permanently. I very strongly prefer dark mode.


Thank you for your always levelheaded posts @carverofchoice They are appreciated.
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Having done no programming recently, I am really in no position to know what is or is not difficult to achieve in current app designs.

However, if you can pass something along to your higher up connections when you get the chance, it may help the cause:

As an end user, I have been testing, using, buying and recommending other competing brands a lot more in the past year. And one non-trivial reason is that the white interface bothers my (now older) eyes so much. I’m one of those people who grabs the iPhone off the night stand to check the critter & equipment cams before I even roll out of bed in the morning. And for this use case, “rock solid reliable and easy to look at” are more important that spiffy new features or even low $$ cost.

I’m just one customer, and I still use and buy Wyze products when applicable, but Wyze has definitely lost sales over this issue.


P.S. - One other use case for me that I don’t bring up often is that I’m the primary caregiver for an elderly family member. And there is no way on God’s green earth that I’m going to flash that bright white Wyze screen into my eyes a dozen times an hour to make sure everything is OK. I use a competing, more expensive and feature inferior product simply because it works and I can stand to use it. Likewise, that was the product I recommended to all of my peers in the same situation as myself when they asked what to buy during last week’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales.


Make a second app. Instead of changing it to offer both settings which is complex, literally go in and change white to black and black to white. We’re talking incredibly simple changes.

Then put on app store. Wyze dark mode app, and Wyze blinding mode app.

Only complex thing is coding it to where only one app can be installed at once (assuming both installed would cause issues).

People rarely switch between dark and my eyes are searing at night mode, so this fixes it.

That way Wyze can continue to focus on what’s really important. Rolling out the Wyze nose clippers, Wyze bidet, Wyze heated blanket, Wyze attic hygrometer, and if course the most exciting for them, the Wyze ophthalmoscope so they can continue primary goal of getting bright light in our eyes.


Brilliant suggestion! Yes, that make eminent sense!


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I think this is a great solution!

I am not sure how Google/Apple or Wyze’s other services partners would take doing this though. For example, I believe Google/Apple reduce their extortion rates…er, I mean their service fees for each app for the first $1 million of income and thus Wyze adding a nearly identical second app could be seen as trying to screw Apple/Google out of what’s owed to them and possibly deny allowing this.

In addition, it may be hard for their services partner to ensure that all the services get interested with more than 1 app at a time, which is probably not done by any other company they work with.

I’m not necessarily saying the above are deal breakers, but I could see the issue potentially being more complicated than we hope since the choice may not be 100% up to Wyze for whether they can easily do that.

However, I’d love to hear them say they at least looked into the option and explain to us why it’s not viable if that is the case. Who knows, maybe it is possible! If so, this would be a fantastic temporary solution! Maybe Google and Apple do based on per client/business instead of per app. I know sometimes Google allows a duplicate app if one is free and one is “pro” as long as one of them charges like $0.99. It would be better if both were free, but if Google is going hold Wyze hostage and deny a second app unless one of them charges, that could be option. I’ve done that with other apps, like this earthquake notification app I use… One free, 1 pro, but almost identical, just so I can choose 2 different kinds of notifications.

People should go vote on that wishlist link thank l that Seapup copied above!


Thanks! Upvoted! Somehow I missed that Wishlist item…


I am not for Wyze extorting us either, but I would pay $0.99 far dark mode so fast it’d make your head spin!

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Now that you mention it, I’ve done similar to allow quicker access to multiple accounts, settings, etc.


We hear you! And we make sure that these features are often added to conversations internally.

We’ll do the redesign when we get enough headcount to take on such a massive project.

Wyze will one day meet you for dinner and drinks. Keep the date open. :wink:


I totally agree, if it is possible to do totally free, they should do that.

If Google won’t ALLOW it, then they should just let us know and then if they offer it at the $0.99 rate I will understand why and be happy to pay for it knowing they were limited on options for providing a duplicate app like that.


They did that in October. :slight_smile: I got to meet all the founders, and several other employees, etc, have dinner and drinks, and I have to say they are all REALLY cool and reasonable people, seriously. I was extremely impressed. :+1:


Whoops. I meant the greater ‘you,’ ie, ‘us.’ :grin:


You are a cheerful fortune cookie, and one of the main reasons I return here.

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Is this like “the royal we” ?



Glad to see that this thread still has life since its creation in November 2018.

Maybe we should gather every year for a Dark Mode conference.