Cameras off until alarm set

I have linked three cameras to my home monitoring. I want these cameras turned off UNTIL the alarm is set to either home or away. I DON’T want these cameras recording everything inside my house when I am home.

Is there a setting that can accomplish this?

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Today theses rules do not exist.

Here is an overview put together by one of our forum members @SlabSlayer based on a similar discussion, which also includes WISHLIST items asking for enhanced rule capabilities with the Wyze Ecosystem

I believe the HMS rules were discussed in a recent AMA. I am searching for it and tagging @carverofchoice who does an amazing job summarizing the AMAs. Carver might know where it is faster than I can find it :wink:

EDIT: I beat the tag :smiley: Information here
Full Summary from the AMA here

In the meantime. You could set a location trigger rule that turn your cameras off when you are Home, and on when you are away… This is how I have my interior cameras setup.

The interior Cameras are only on When I am in bed (Schedule Rule 12AM-6AM), or away from my home (Location Rule)


I have the HMS and have wanted it to be integrated into home automation assistants since I got it.

As @R.Good has already stated, and from the link provided, the HMS state is strictly quarantined from all automation compatibility as is the on\off duty status of any sensor. While I have no confirmation of this, I assume this is due to security protocols.

To remedy this, I have all the devices I want off when I am home and on when I am away controlled by Alexa routines on voice commands.