Share Full Day of Event Logs

I love my Wyze Cams so much, I placed them all over my rental property. I applied a Wyze Sense to each entry door and I’m able to see when my Airbnb guests check-in and check-out. It helps to let the housekeeper know if the guests have left early.

Last night, one of the Airbnb guests had a party and I was able to see the log of how often people came in and out. I am, however, unable to share this info with Airbnb without having to screenshot 20+ pages. I wish you could copy and paste the entire log along with each thumbnail.

Also, Airbnb isn’t able to view mp4 video, so I needed to convert the video into AVI format.

I kinda doubt that Wyze will build in a video conversion to AVI. But as a workaround, you can use the Share button on an event video to share the video to a converter app you install on your phone. Alternatively, you might consider sharing the video to somewhere like a Dropbox folder or a YouTube account that you could give Airbnb access to.

Great advice for the mp4 to AVI conversion, but any chance we can copy and paste activity log information?

Thanks again, Loki.

That is a good thought, a CSV file of event logs.

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It will take a change to the app. It’s on the #wishlist and here’s info on how the #wishlist works: How to Use the Wishlist.

With IFTTT, you can log events to a Google spreadsheet.

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Add a way to export notifications from sensors on the app into a CSV or XLS file. All in one is ideal, so all your sensors would export timestamp and event to one file, vs having to export sensors individually.

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