Wyze makes leaving easier

Wyze pan cam has been great for us. My wife feels comfortable going out of town for continuing ed because she can keep an i eye on me. When my black cam gets here I can put it in basement and then she’ll allow me down there when she’s gone. Maizy my service dog is great but being able to see me really puts my wife at ease.

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Same with us. We have been tethered to the house because of our cat. We installed an electronic cat door and mounted cameras on the outside of the door and inside so we can watch the activity of the cat. We also have a camera watching the food bin. Our neighbor can be contacted if a problem is seen. Liberated us.

Wishlist: wyze lock for cat doors!

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We have a screen porch and we just open the window and the cats just go out to the screen porch and then just come back in whenever they’re ready. And then we have four barn cats because we live on a farm and they take care of the mouse problem

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I bought this cam so I could watch my puppy when I leave my home. I have just set it up but I cant seem to figure out how I make it work once I am outside. I am on OSX so I thought, perhaps mistakenly that the video might transfer to my iCloud? I have the Wyze app but is there another app I might need to do that? Or can someone point me in the right direction for help in this matter. Thanks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The free 12 sec event videos will first be available only in the Wyze app itself. You should receive an alert on the iDevice for each event as long as you have notifications turn on.

You can manually save the interesting ones to your Camera Roll and then they should end up in your iCloud.

Go puppies!! :smiley:

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Thank you. Now I know what to look for. I purchased this as my 8 month old pup has bonded with me fully but has a bit of separation anxiety. He was with me 24/7 before the pandemic for 2 months and I have been home 24/7 since. I wanted to start leaving my home, 20 minutes, 30 min the next day, 45 afterwards and so on, until I feel comfortable leaving him for 2-3 hour bike rides I take.

The free 12 second videos might be enough to work, if there is a succession of them in said time periods, otherwise I might need to look at another option or payment for an app that would allow me to watch for 10 min per time, if that is even possible?

Absolutely! You can leave the Wyze app open and watch the live feed for free 24/7 if you wish. :grinning:

And, yes, this is quite different from battery powered cams you may have heard about, such as Blink, where you can kill the camera’s battery in a day if you watch it too much.

But, you may want to do any extensive watching on a WiFi device if you have limited data on your phone.

We leave WiFi tablets or old inactive phones plugged into chargers sitting in stands on the table to watch pets, wildlife, workmen, the driveway, etc, all the time.

You could even set a new trend at your workplace with your puppy cam! :wink:


Forgot to ask if you were familiar with the SD card option for the Wyze cams. Basically you can put a micro SD card in the cam and continuously record several days worth of video which you can view later on. Details here: