Neighbor's Cat Sneaks Around on my Back Porch

I don’t mind the neighbor cats catching rodents, but I do NOT want them living on my porch. They get into my trash that’s waiting to go out and can bring in fleas and ticks.


At the bottom left corner is where I can go down some steps. But I’ve been blocking that area off with boxes and stuff so there’s only one way in and out at night. I may have to block the main entrance as well.

At least not stealing the mail/package carrier’s treats!

You could set off the Alarm when Pet detected :ghost: If you have Cam Plus Pro


I have Cam Plus, but not pro. I can manually set off the alarm, but I can just as easily open the window and shoo it away. But I was in bed at the time. The night before, he was actually sitting on top of the couch watching me through the window while I watched videos on the computer haha. I didn’t know it until I watched the events the next morning.

whoops, sorry meant Cam Plus… Fingers got away from me :smiley:

So hey… watcha watchin’? :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Ok thanks. I might try that and see what happens. I have never used it before. I did accidentally turn it on once on my daughter’s cam haha. So you can set it up to automatically turn on when there’s movement?

Create Rule
Trigger Rule
When “Camera Name” Detects Pet
Action “Camera Name” Turn on Siren
You can also set a time/schedule when the Rule Can Run


Ah thanks. I forgot about creating rules. :woman_facepalming: I’ve never needed to use the rules before. This will be a first. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lemme know how it goes. So many cool things you can do with the Rules in the Wyze Eco-System. The thing that gets me most excited about the Wyze Eco-System and the integrations is more so what you can do with the hardware a less about the hardware :smiley: It’s ben fun to set up a “Smart Home”


Yeah, I’m sure. I’m in the country and haven’t had to deal with what people in the city have. So all my cams are mostly to keep an eye on the chickens and watch for deliveries.
Wish I could get the dead cam to work again. But I don’t know how.

Rules are GREAT! I have 4 dozen enabled right now and another dozen seasonal rules that are disabled. I use them mostly to turn lights and plugs on and off. I have scheduled rules, triggered rules and location rules. And then there are the shortcuts.

I agree with @R.Good, the rules allow me to take advantage of the power of the Wyze product line.


I understand. I just haven’t needed to use them myself (yet). But I will try it tonight and see what happens. In the meantime I’ll think of how to keep the critters from getting under that curtain since that’s the only entrance during the winter months. My front door is closed for the winter months now. I stuffed pieces of craft rubber sheets all around the door to keep the cold air from coming in. It’s a 1930’s built home and drafty!

If all you have are a few cameras, then it make sense that you don’t use rules. I have almost every Wyze smart product in use: thermostat, locks, bulbs, plugs, light strips, robot vacuum, garage door opener, switches, gun safe, scale, band watch, leak, contact and motion sensors and the air purifier. So rules come in very handy. :wink:


Yes, I can understand that. I only have V3s. One in each chicken coop and 2 in the chicken run. One at the bird feeders, one for driveway, one for backyard, and one for the back porch. When I’m home (99% of the tim) I only keep the cams on that my 94 yr old mother likes to watch.

If I set any of my cams to sound the siren when a “Pet” was detected the neighborhood would burn my house down. I have a regular Animal Fair here every night, :circus_tent: :circus_tent:


Same here. Can’t do that outside of the porch. Got cats running back and forth all night long, between the homes on either side of me. As well as the rabbits and opossums. I’m on an acre but I can still hear the neighbors when they talk. I know there are also coyotes and deer at night once in awhile too.

I put a board at the bottom of the curtain at the entrance and forgot to set the rule for the alarm because I wasn’t ready for bed yet. Was watching my usual gardening channels on YT when I heard a noise and checked the cam. He just jumped over the board to come in, but I didn’t include that part. He was all over the porch! So I hit the alarm to see what would happen.

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I don’t think the cat was overly concerned. Maybe a little annoyed. :upside_down_face:


Ha yeah. And the saga continues…

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That’s just Philomenia looking for her cat friend. :grin:

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