Neighbor's Cat Stalks the Birds

Not sure how to stop him besides shooing him away when I see him.


Aww, he just wants to play and say hi…

Do you have cam plus? You could have it notify you when it sees an animal, and if Kitty is there, you can set off the siren or yell at kitty through the camera speaker.

I’m sure there are interesting automations that could be done.

When the smart vision launches for whatever camera model this is, you could train it to recognize the cat specifically and have something else triggered as soon as it recognizes the kitty there.

Hmm, yeah I have plus on the other cams but not that one since it was only to observe. The last time I set the siren off on the back porch it didn’t phase the cat.

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I’m thinking a Wyze sprinkler with motion sensors will deter the kitty from visiting again. :sunglasses:


I have one but it’s not Wyze brand. I didn’t want to use that because it would spray every bird that came along too. Plus, I’m on well water and my landlords don’t want me continuously keeping the hose on and burn out the pump.

Just put some Zucchini up there :rofl:,vid:zqKTOikYpds

Be sure to upload the videos :cucumber::scream_cat:

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That’s funny, I noticed that almost all the videos that scared the cats, it was right behind them while they were eating. In the other videos, the cats weren’t scared.
Must be on high alert while they’re eating.

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Shooting him will do the trick :wink:
Get a dog!

Yeah. Funny, I was just thinking of looking for a contraption that I could control remotely that would squirt him with something. I don’t have a gun (yet).

I was just kidding. Love animals and I wouldn’t harm them. Have no problem with hunting even though I don’t hunt. Much more humane than slaughter house.

Well, * was planning on getting one at some point for self defense. But for the cats I figured I could borrow my grandson’s bb gun and shoot something that wouldn’t harm them.

There are Smart Hose Faucets that work with an App or are compatible with Alexa:

Then you can either manually turn on the hose, or you might be able to rig a complex rule to have Alexa automatically turn on the hose when a “pet” is detected.

(Alexa doesn’t natively support pet detection, so you’d have to have something like MacroDroid watch your notifications for “Pet Detected” on that cam, and then have it push a command to Alexa which would then turn on the hose…so, you’d need someone like SlabSlayer to tell you exactly how to set it up, but you totally could automate it to to turn on the hose for a few seconds anytime it sees a “pet” in certain areas.)

Thanks. Maybe after winter.