Animal / Deer Detection

I would like to use the wyze cam outdoor as a deer/animal cam in my backyard. How well do these cameras detect animals like deer to notifiy me of them?

@Nick87 Sounds like you’d be looking at regular motion detection (vs person, face, package, etc) and I’ve found that they do pretty well. That said…outside is hard to fine tune because of all the other natural movement of trees, etc. So, it kinda depends on the area you’re looking at . If you can start with broad detection settings and slowly bring it down to what suits you, you should have success. Or, you could start narrow, and broaden, of course. :slight_smile: Try it out, and post some vids!

Awesome, I will have to purchase one and see how it works!

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There are “AI” specific pet detection features that work only with the add-on CamPlus service. No idea if it can or will ever identify deer as such but it sounds like a good idea for them to add.

FYI - I have set up my camera with sprinkled controller to scare off wildlife:

In my case they don’t get detected as pets, at least not yet. Maybe with some feedback I submit with the app it may change?

The difficulty in getting this to work is that the lens in the camera has a very wide angle view, so only animals very close will trigger motion detection. I had to replace the lens in the camera to get a closer in view. The AI part is the next thing to work on.