Wyze cam + sprinkler: wildlife scare

Wyze cam v3 + Wyze sprinkler controller make a successful combo. In addition to this rabbit, also picks up crows.

To get this to work I had to install a 12mm focal length lens to get a more zoomed in view,

Wyze team: can we get AI events to recognize wildlife? So that my dog and I won’t get wet? I am happy to provide training data!


That was funny to see the bunny scamper away quickly.

I like this idea, though currently all non-humans are trained under “Pet” detections (wildlife, pets, insects, all animals). But if Wyze made “pet detection” a rule trigger and “Turn on sprinkler” a rule action in the rules, we could do this, but it would also spray anytime it sees the dog in that case.

Come to think of it, a rule like that could still come in handy for all the people on walks that keep letting their dogs drop waste in our yard and then not pick it up: Set up a detection zone to detect dogs getting off the sidewalk and stepping on my yard, then turn on the sprinkler. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind if people picked up after their dog, but that is rare around here lately so the sprinkler rule would be great. I don’t think Wyze will ever implement this though, since it could result in liability issues…if someone runs off the property to escape sprinklers, only to run into the street and get hit by a car…that could be a problem. But it would still be really useful for gardens like this!

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The rabbit is not getting picked up as a pet in my case. But I’ll be happy to submit feedback tagging it as a pet. Detecting wildlife as pets is a partial solution - it won’t trigger the sprinklers when it’s windy or for insects. As it is my garden is getting a bit of extra water on windy days - 1 minute watering is the minimum runtime in the built in rules.

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I report every critter as a Pet, Raccoons, Possums, Cats and even Mr. Smelly Mel the :skunk: who it seems has moved down the street 3 houses, my neighbor saw him yesterday on his cams. :grin:

That surprises me that it isn’t detecting the rabbit as a pet. I know people who have pet rabbits and submit videos with their rabbits as “pet” detections and have a bunch of videos detecting them as pets. Interesting that this wild bunny isn’t being detected that way, it clearly has a good view of the animal.

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Sadly, the rabbit is getting used to the sprinklers. And Wyze is refusing to learn to recognize the rabbit as a pet, despite dozens of feedback submissions from my side. I wonder how often does Wyze update the models with the feedback?

AI detected both the possums and the raccoons as PETS a few days ago, hasn’t happened since despite them being recorded 4-5 times every night. Trying again tonight.

Gosh I tagged rabbits as pets so many times, but it still has not detected a single rabbit as pet…