Animal recognition and tracking

You wouldn’t want false alert so there’s should be an object/animal recognition so the wyze cams. Would ignore your pets but would track stranger walking into the cameras. Or the other way around: If you live in a place with dangerous animal and you for some reason don’t want to track people then you can tell wyze cams to track animals but not people. In summary, we need some sort of recognition system that allow the wyze cams to track specific targets and ignore others and get notification that tell you what animals or who it detected.

I would not want Selection to be just people or just animals , I want to know what kind of animals or people are coming up close to my house , Fine if you could select either or , but you Also need to be able to select both , not just one or the other, and It should not be specific to wyze cam pan

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True, I edited the topic so it’s not wyze cam pan specific.


love your product. what would net you a huge customer base is if you use your ai people recognition to instead ignore people and solely focus on the owners pets. pet recognition. this would make your pan cam unbeatable on the market until your competition implements similar features. i have a cat, and i just wanna have a channel on my phone to watch of my loved one. domestic nat geo

It would be great to have Pet Detection on the Outdoor Cam and have Pet Detection available in Alexa Routines.

I have a Wazyn that is a opener for sliding glass doors that is now alexa enabled. Having this ability would allow my Wyze outdoor cam to detect my dog and then run the routine in alexa that opens my sliding door.

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According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the total population of temperate-nesting Canada geese, or resident Canada geese, has averaged approximately 3.34 million in the United States and 1.37 million in Canada for a total spring population of 4.71 million. This number has been increasing steadily since the 1970s when the population was only about 1 million. The overpopulation of Canadian geese in the US has led to a number of problems.

Perhaps Wyze engineers create recognition software to identify the Canadian Goose (both visual and sound). That would, in turn, trigger a device that would blast a sound and force the Geese to leave that area.

(A number of devices exist that use sound to scare the geese, but these devices do not have automatic triggering). The Wyze Camera with animal recognition technology could be adapted to work with some of the existing systems, such as GooseBuster.

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