Detecting deer in outdoor setting

I have a front yard garden with zone restrictions that limit my fence height to 4 feet and a deer problem.

Does anyone have experience using a wyze cam to detect deer and trigger an automated event? Maybe turning on a sprinkler or making a scare crow pop up?

Have you looked at something like this:

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Not sure if Deer are scared off by a siren, but the Wyze V3 Camera has a siren on it (80dB). You could setup a detection zone on the garden that turns on the siren if motion or a “pet” is detected.

Yes, I have… I was hoping to create something smarter that would scare deer, but not the mailman using the wyze AI.

Since the camera won’t detect deer specifically, I doubt it is any smarter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pet detection probably wouldn’t identify deer and motion detection won’t work for your needs since it would trigger for the mailman.

A sparrow tried to take up residence in my v3 equipped bluebird house. Blasted the siren, which had to be deafening inside a small box. Didn’t faze the bird at all. Had to open the birdhouse and clean out the nest.
Had some crows totally decimate the sunflower seed tray. Have a WOC pointed at the tray to monitor the seed, because the squirrels make me put the tray on a 10 foot pole.

They jump high when popped with a 22 caliber CO2 pistol

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