Excluding Deer from notifications?

I want to put a camera looking down our private road/driveway to alert us of any vehicles.

We have LOTS of deer here which set off the motion sensor alarm we currently use. Nothing like being alerted at 2 AM and having to get up and look.

Can we setup alerts for a car or person and exclude deer, opossums, raccoons, etc? I think I read you can, if so, how well does it work. And is this setting per camera or for all cameras you have?


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First you need to have Cam Plus on each camera you want to do this on. You can set it for Smart detections only under event recordings and you can also set the notifications for items of your choice.
It is all per camera. What type of camera are you going to use Battery powered or plug in camera?

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Battery for sure on the driveway. It is the most important one.

Building a house and have not decided where to put others. But I will have a powered unit, maybe two.

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I don’t get many deers but the one time I did, my V3 did capture it and send me a Pet notification.

I did get a skunk identified as a Person couple times by one of the side cameras, in the middle of the night, but it is rare. And I’ve never had an animal identified as a Vehicle.

Hope this helps.


I just noticed Wyze tagged this video as Person.I wonder if the AI thought the picture of the man on the van was a Person.

Or a person was driving the van?

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Battery cams are good in certain situations. If you are thinking about a Version 1 or Version 2 Battery Powered cam you need to know the limitations. Both of those cams need to get a Wi-Fi signal from the base station which may prove to be difficult depending on where the base station is and how it is connected to the router, I have been using the same old Version 1 WYZE Cam Outdoors for almost 3 years come November. The base is connected via an ethernet cable to the router and the furthest cam from the router is 40 feet in a 2000 sq/foot wood frame single story house and I have never used solar panels to keep them charged. The WYZE WCO will not detect though a glass window and the detection is best when motion is side to side and not at or away directly from the camera.
WYZE has a new battery powered camera which I do not have but it uses just a Wi-Fi signal from your router, no base station required and it will connect to a solar panel so they claim. You will need Cam Plus on that camera and it does not currently record to an SD card in the camera but it will in the near future as claimed by WYZE. Read features of the Version 1 and 2 WCO below and the new Battery Cam Pro. Shop wisely and I have no experience wit the Battery Pro.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Kudzupatchn :raising_hand_man:

@Antonius covered most of this… and is quite the expert on the Outdoor Cam. A great resource for you setting one up.

  • Cam Plus required
  • Subscription is per cam
  • Settings are per cam
  • Select for Person and Vehicle Smart Detection AI Events in Event Recording
  • Select for the same in Notifications
  • Turn off Notifications for All Other Motion
  • Works very well so long as you have the cam properly placed for a good FOV and have it properly tuned for that FOV. They are not point and shoot.

Great info! Just starting to look into this. Leaning toward the Outdoor camera but as i said, just starting to look. But it is out in the weather. I was thinking of putting inside a fake birdhouse to sort of disguise. Never like buying new models but the Battery Cam does sound like a good option.

WIFI is the only option for the main camera. I have an outdoor range extender so WIFI signal is no problem. But the base station signal might be an issue. I have a line of site with the extender. A base station would be stuck behind trees.

Another issue is It would pretty much face head on any oncoming cars. Due to terrain it is hard to place a camera off to the side and still be able to get to it easily to change the battery or remove the SD card. I will have to look at that closer.

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I think the base station is out for you since it needs to be plugged in for power and I don’t think it would work with a range extender unless the extender has an ethernet port to plug into. If you have power in the area available just get a V2, V3 or V3 Pro plug in cam. Maybe even an OG cam but I can’t comment on them because I do not have one.

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Have you thought about v3 cameras positioned inside looking out windows? Check out the pictures on this thread to see what kind of results you can expect. This works well for me. No batteries to deal with, easy access to SD cards and power cords if needed. Plus out of the weather and you would have to break into my house to get at my cameras.

Not an option. I need the camera down on the road to pick up cars coming down it. A camera on the house or in a window would only tell me once they were in front of my house. It is LONG private drive and we can’t see anyone till they are at the house. We want to be alerted when they start down the road.

No services there except WIFI. So camera has to be battery with maybe a solar panel.

We are seriously considering putting up a gate and a camera would be great to help ID people that we want to come on in.