Keep getting 'pet' notifications

I set notifications to NOT get notified when ‘pets’ are caught on my battery cam pro but I keep getting notified when a deer goes by at 2 in the morning.
Am I doing something wrong here?
I want to capture and be notified if a person goes by but not a deer, raccoon, etc.

Maybe because you have other motion turned on? The motion video goes to the server and AI sees the deer and tags it as pet. If I turn vehicle off on any variety of my cams I get no vehicle notification or recordings.

Okay. I’ve turned off the ‘other motion.’

But now, with ‘other motion’ turned off, I wasn’t notified when a dude was caught on my camera walking through yard.

Shouldn’t a notification gone off?

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It should if you still have Person detection and notify turned on in the settings.

I do.

I don’t have that type of cam so I can’t do any experiments or test.