Two-way video camera (for pets, etc)

I think it would be cool if you had your version of Pet Chatz. No need for treat dispenser but a 2 way video so owner and pet could see each other. Right now I can talk to the cats because I see them but they can’t see me. I think a 2 way camera would be great.

FYI, I think you can already do this with an Echo Show, Google Hub, or Facebook Portal. I don’t have any of those devices so I’m not 100% sure if ALL of them let you initiate a two-way video remotely, without the other side needing to answer, but you can at least do it with the Echo Show, if you give it permission to “Drop in.”

You can but it’s not pet specific. Like with Pet Chatz the pet can contact you as well. And what if you are working with outdoor cats? Echo devices don’t work well outside

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Yeah. It’s not pet-specific, but I figured that if you’re not interested in a treat dispenser, it didn’t really need to be. Do those things work outside? I didn’t realize a pet could call you too. How does that even work? If there’s NOT a treat dispenser, are you sure they even know what they’re doing if they accidentally mash a button? Haha.

Pet Chatz has a thing that you can place on the ground and the cat or dog steps on it and that calls you. You see the pet on a screen (your phone app) and the pet sees you on a screen. I guess Wyze could put a treat dispenser but sometimes, like today one of my cats was going crazy with me shopping. He suffers separation anxiety. I’m sure just like with WyzeCam v2 Wyze can make a similar product to work outside. Just ideas I would like to see as I’d rather support Wyze then these other companies.

BTW: Wyze cams work 100% better then Echo Show drop in imo

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