Wyze Pet Food Dispenser

I was thinking that a Wyze device that we could set up to dispense dry pet food would be so helpful and there are not a lot of reasonably priced options out there.

I would love to see Wyze create an automatic app based and controlled pet food dispenser with a built in Wyze cam.

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I would like to see one as well, especially now that weather is getting cold where I’m at


I have a cat who barfs when she eats too much in short amounts of time, so I have to dole out her dry food in roughly 1-2 tablespoon amounts when she asks. During the night, I usually get up twice 1 am - 5 am to sprinkle food into her bowl. I would LOVE a Wyze programmable pet feeder.

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Something that could be set to automatic, but also utilize a Wyze cam and speaker so that you don’t have to try and set up cameras at specific angles to see your pets while you are away.

Could even manually feed and check food container levels.

This would be extremely helpful and a very worthwhile purchase from pet/Wyze owners.

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My extremely greedy cat manages to break into most of the automatic feeders on the market. One that is actually pet proof would be great.

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There is a valve controller made by YoSmart/YoLink that we are going to try and use to create an automatic pet feeder that will open at a specific time - wait a couple seconds - then close. The idea would be a container suspended over the food bowl with a PVC pipe at the bottom with the valve attached so that when the valve opens gravity will do it’s job and the food will fall into the bowl, then the valve will close.

I’d love if wyze would create something along these lines though since we have a farm of animals to feed everyday and it would be nice to automate as much as possible.

I finally broke down and bought a programmable feeder from amazon. It’s fine, but the smallest amount it dispenses is .46 ozs, which is too much for my Kitty.


Would be so nice to have Wyze come out with a dog food dispenser. For those times we are running late at work and the dogs need to be fed, you can control how much food gets dispensed and what time to have it dispensed or manually push a button to have it dispensed.

If Wyze decided to do this, I would request a small portion size of at least 1/8th cup. My current feeder puts out too much and my gluttonous cat gorges herself and pukes it up. Thanks! :cat2::joy_cat:


Automatic pet feeder with camera

Automatic pet feeder with wyze camera.

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My cat’s too fat as it is. All he needs is an automatic feeder and he won’t be able to get off the laundry room floor.

RFID Pet Feeder and watering device

Wyze makes awesome products, and it would be great if you could consider adding some automatic pet feeders and watering devices to your lineup. I’ve got two cats, and it would be great if there was an automatic feeder where you could load a hopper up, and it would dispense a preset amount, but also only allow access to the right cat based on their chip.

There is a product on the market that has similar functionality that is crazy expensive($200USD+):

It just doesn’t have a hopper, so you have to load it every day. If there was something where you could add enough feed to last a weekend, that would be great.

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New Product: Pet treat / food dispenser with cam

New Product:
Pet Treat base station / feeder dish.
Auto timed food and/or treat dispenser, with manual dispense option.
Remote control treat dispenser with perhaps a tracking CamPam v3.

So… We got an auto-feeder for our cat. But we had to barricade it inside a tiny coffetable… with only the feeder tray sticking out. We carboarded the coffee table on all sides with the feeder inside… I had a Wyze cam that looked down at the bowl.

Great solution but our food obsessed cat just sat and watched the feeder all day.

We have since taken it away and it’s actually much much better. He stares out the window now and never knows when it’s time to eat.

Great thing to own… wrong kitty to own it around. He was 18.3 lbs. when we got him (previous owners were loving him to death). He is now down to 13.5 lbs. He needs to weigh 12.5 lbs. to be optimal.

Anyway… that’s my story.

Automatic pet feeder

I have bought multiple “smart life” products for automatic pet feeder for my cats, and I would love if Wyze had this as an option!

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