Wyze Irrigation System

Wyze Automated Irrigation System

Full concept, short version)

Wyze door sensor attached to Float in PVC
Water pump plugged into Wyze plug

When sensor is open = no action
When sensor is closed = plug activates pump (specific time)

If you would like to know how I came up with this idea, continue reading. Otherwise, take the idea, use your imagination and create your own.

(Breakdown of idea and concept)

Decided to grow veggies/herbs in 5 gallon buckets.
Thought a self watering system would be the best method for me, to ensure my plants get the water they need without me checking daily. I’m old and don’t always remember.

I wanted to water the plants with rain water, because of its nutritional value, not from the faucet.

I bought 10, 5gal buckets from a local big box store.
1 for plant, 1 for water reservoir.
(See YouTube video on growing in 5 gal buckets)

Attached a cheap water pump, (<$10) to irrigation hose (<$10) that will feed water to each bucket.

Put a PVC fill pipe (<$5) into reservoir bucket and ran irrigation hose to each pipe.

Plugged the pump into a Wyze plug so I could water when I wanted. Then put a simple piece of a noodle into the pipe as a float to observe when the reservoir would need water.

I put up a Wyzecam to observe the plant and float.
When I saw the float was down I would activate the Wyze plug and the water would flow.

Then I got to thinking (I sometimes do that), why not automate even more. Soooo, I attached a Wyze sensor to the float. Whahlah, automated irrigation.

Readjusted the Wyzecam to capture timelapse videos.
Have fun, make your own.

FYI, I didn’t look to see if anyone else has tried this.


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Most ingenious!

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got any pix?

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Great ingenuity and use of a set of devices. I had done something similar using a homemade float, contact sensor and plug to automate pool cover pump. Worked well!
Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the idea. I’m going to use this to get a notification when my chicken coop water supply is low!